Suddenly a new feeling is installed in me, is the faint feeling of being directed in a specific direction. Even inside me I appreciate it, without knowing why, or to who, but whoever or whatever possesses ability to instill confidence in the unknown road full of endless singularities, with enigmas for training far superior to mine. However, I remember the idea assumed many years ago: knowledge comes through unsuspected channels to those who yearn to know and social circumstances denied academic instruction.

<< This is a lesson. In due time the enigma will be deciphered, despite finding me in an imprecise time that baffles me; and I have a certainty: that of being in a living space, archaic and evolved at the same time, as well as including refinement, within a dazzling work among the existing dimness. <<The light will come as always happens, and the moment of unveiling the wisdom here will also reach>>.

I self-suggest that nothing has to cause me harm, and I am absorbed, between streams of (different) thoughts crowding in my mind, including not knowing where to put such immense and extraordinary didactic material and if my receptive capacity can contain it.

I cross an empty space. The instinct of protection pushes me to a quick search to find what I already feel familiar: the solid and protective walls, taken by me, as guide indicators to follow. Between the night that at times seems to lighten and darken, and discouraged, I notice in skirting again a kind of wall, if I can call it that, because in this case I do not see what is properly called a wall.

With the penumbra and the probable position of being in a dark area, the darkness is so dense that it prevents me from seeing. I can only appreciate that I surround darkness, even, gloomier, and arouse me respect to touch its outline, even the awe.

Without knowing where I am going -as can be seen throughout the “journey” and the visual-sensorial journey-, but with the discernment of witnessing an unparalleled, revealing, and explicit document, the route to follow is not controlled by me, I would not even know where to go, I could be circling the same place without knowing; I limit myself to protect myself next to walls that form a great construction … or a set of great constructions, and to continue, this incessant walking. Intuition and perseverance … and something … enigmatic, impel me in this “uncertain” way.

The outline I walk marks great straight angles, long and gloomy lines with their corners, like a staircase with gigantic steps falling from the edge; I advance without separating from his side, an itinerary without options and only guide to not lose orientation and not return to the starting point. I go close to a thick shadow in another shadow, I tremble at the thought that there will be the other side, and what can it be? the other side, while the tension rises in the midst of my ignorance in which I am not willing to stay. << Surely there will be a cause, all this wonder cannot be just because, yes, or for nothing. This is not an ornament. And not a grave either. It does not contain vanity or ostentation, but evident evidences of an intelligence that surpasses the ordinary and that in every detail, exposes with symbols some knowledge that challenges my understanding >>.


It came to seem like a heavy joke to me to achieve one angle after another, it led me to the always inopportune and detestable uneasiness, growing because of the uncertainty of not seeing any sign of difference in that contour of shadows; When I checked that repetition, I realized that it would have been convenient to count the angles traveled, but my acceleration in the march continued progressive with the hope of reaching before the end of the disturbing and persistent blackness. With clarity I appreciated that this was not a work of nature, its vertices were well defined and the considerable distances between them, too.


Finally I reach a plane where the dense darkness is cut by a faint crepuscular color. I reach the last vertex, to the consoling more clear hue, and I separate at a short distance; I try to see what this outline is that has kept me in a black labyrinth.

I see a huge “mound” that does not suggest more than that, a mound. After all, the journey so far has only raised me questions, many questions and no answer. From the position where I stand, near the last vertex, the disconcerting mound lets me see the front and its right side. Part of the shaded area: it forms a hill of artificial appearance; the image offers me … another unanswered question! I walk a short distance on the brightest front, without finding edges or entrances; everything is a short grass that extends from the ground to the hill. I turn confused and energetic about myself to see the surroundings: I contemplate a wide panorama, a huge valley slightly undulated, radiates calmness, and quiets my disrupt mood.


It was a journey of lime and sand to reach this enclave, constant oppositions in each finding, which as they were happening was surrendering to resignation because of my inability to solve their enigmas; where the plethoric mood changed in moments to sink into desolation, into a repetitive dynamic.

The feeling traveled alone through a roller coaster, the independent ethereal enclosure, exclusive and personal component of the human being to which the images arrive and transforms them into emotions, even outside the material body, as it happens in dreams, and he, crumbles the experiences to discern and clarify values, to be able to discard the ornament, just as alchemy with its distiller process filters impurities, and reveals the eternal youth by discarding the obsolete, useless matter; As the serpent comes out of itself renewed, so also the spirit reveals all its greatness.

In some sections I was immersed in my own reflections.



A musical sound envelops me with subtlety: it takes me out of repeated introspection without being able to determine when it has started, I cannot distinguish the direction of its origin, I do not even recognize the instrument or instruments that originate the sound, but its harmony projects me idyllic peace to merge in my being. I try to distinguish whether the source of the music arises in me or comes from outside, and I am not unable to reach a conclusion.

I concentrate on my perceptive faculty. The melodious concert now penetrates me with delicate softness in deep thoughts. << I see the resemblance between the journey made in my life and the path through this mysterious place as if they were parallel paths, with the same emotions felt in the course of life, between frustrations and successes, and in the same way, without getting immediately the definitive answer to complete the meaning of the various circumstances, which sometimes seem absurd, but after going through the necessary section with their contingencies (chosen by the corresponding scriptwriter of each particular destination and accepted by the interested person) the teaching, without leaving room for nonsense, because they show the <encounter with oneself>.  The search, with the heavy burden that originates the uncertainty, is always driven by the hopeful encounter with the explanation. Just like here, in this place, I do not know what I was looking for in the beginning, and the same journey has cleared a purpose: to know … why am I here? And what is this?! And in essence, the search for the other side is repeated, although now the experience is in another reality, two realities and the same goal: answers, knowledge! The same road in different dimensions. Here I feel the same emotions, concentrated in short spaces, with delirious rhythms, as another parallel initiation to life, but this is a circuit of great speed! There are too many enigmatic novelties happening without interruption and I worry about having difficulties to retain them in memory, although I try to apprehend everything possible with all my strength. I will keep the strength … with what helps me to gain momentum. A graphic retrospective recorded in memory will help me. The indicators will be the symbolic points of the journey, the ones that remind me where the energy reached levels where it was almost instantaneous to overcome the deep falls, and even without understanding, in the midst of darkness, at times, the environment seems to light up strengthen me when the contradictions begin to weigh heavily and threaten not to let me escape ».

I realize at times -when my energy rises-, to use abilities that I do not use as a norm in the other reality, it is as if I had a computer in my mind with several windows open to be able to cover what in a normal state is not used . And it would be possible to do if we exercised it. <<I’m not someone different here, I’m still me. Why could not it be?! This faculty is not a monopoly of geniuses; it is asleep in each one of us; we’ll have to give it a touch and wake it up>>.

<< In any case, the keys of reference for my memory will be the stairway with the sublime entrance to … a cavern of silence, with an environment reminiscent of ceremonies; the expressive stone faces; a delirium of walls built like puzzles formed with gigantic stones, and some so tiny that the contrast gave laughter, and at the beginning, The Door, the entrance to the mystery of this set of constructions that in my disoriented and dark path I left by ignorance to understand its message: although aware that it contained them and certainly, of great value. And this mysterious mound … Will there be little impulse to encourage all these wonders to continue investigating this prodigious place? At least, I will try to record in memory all that my capacity admits. Everything comes to the right moment for its resolution and will show the result when the occasion is propitious, always happens. At the end of the – sometimes difficult – experiences, everything is solved in a simpler way than we had imagined in the beginning >>.


Beside the huge mound the music immersed me in deep thoughts, from which I came out when I began to notice certain movements through the undulating valley: when I saw a long path, similar to a basting with tiny stitches of platinum thread.


– What is that!? … What is happening here?

Without any fear and determination I approach halfway to the disconcerting procession, unusual, and amazing. The row, composed of white dots with a faint glow, is parallel to a parade of huge blocks of stone; they meander suspended in the air along the great valley, until they lose themselves in their undulations. I go a little closer to the surprising path. Stunned!

– Does not anyone notice my presence? What do they do?! Why am I here seeing this stony parade that is lost with the sight? And what is the point of this meeting, if nobody sees me?

The white row is composed of many people, as far as I can see, on one side and the other, there could be several hundred. The distance between each one is maybe one and a half meters (I reiterate the special point of my vision, the perspective is aerial), they are sitting on the ground in a state of meditation. There is no doubt that it is a perfect disposition of higher minds with thoughts in unison. The stone moles advance in front of them, as in a quiet flight. They are doing heavy work without brute force, they use refined tools: energy projected from their minds!

I am overwhelmed, overcome by the frustrating sense of inability to assimilate and host such a cluster of extraordinary sequences; and I begin to suppose a possible hallucination, besides not knowing how to react by my astonishment before the admirable transport procedure.

-Someone has to see me and explain where I am, and what is happening here. This is the future…?!

I move closer, until I am very close to some components of the rosary of minds in a meditative state.

I concentrate all my energy in asking for God’s help.

<< Someone with whom I can communicate will connect with me! >>.


Just like when you ask for something and it happens without believing because you just made the request and instantly it is done, suddenly the harmonious sound, as if skidding, by a sudden braking, ceases while the huge blocks of stone stop, as a chain reaction, in a simultaneous movement they rest on the ground with slowness and delicacy; immediately deriving the group’s scattering as human beads from a broken cord. The bright white dots disintegrate along the row in a commotion, and the bewilderment has broken the prevailing harmony, although without stridency, a relative calm is maintained. I sense in some of those closest to me, something of restlessness and distrust hidden behind his face; others ask each other how this happened, what is happening?


Three of them approach. Their faces with wide eyes opened by the expression of amazement, I wonder, and I imagine with the same face that they as a result of the continuous unusual events that I am living.

We watched each other for a moment, without saying anything. Their expressions have changed in the meantime, to look at me with a clean and sweet smile that makes me feel among friends, but my astonishment remains when contemplating their “futuristic” aspects. Their heads without hair, all that I can see the same, and their eyes << are, like looking inside the ocean! >>,  of an intense dark blue. I look intrigued the looks of a group close to us. Those that are within my sight also have the same blue color, the same dark hue. Their faces are different, but with the common characteristic of a delicate beauty that does not allow to determine the sex, all with the same <androgynous> appearance. If they are not physical perfection, borders (within the canons of beauty of the European continent).

Also an identical outfit for all, a kind of white robe of fabric unknown to me; although better than fabric is more appropriate to call it, crystalline matter, iridescent with a water effect, almost sparkling, wide and without seams, in one piece, as if covered by a blanket of snow shining in the sun, adapting to the movements of the body in a magical way. They dress with a uniform and singular aesthetic, a strange unique model.

I ask myself again, still looking at them, bewildered, << Is this … the future? >>. I begin to think that my ability to assimilate cannot contain more visions of such magnitude and my mind seems about to overflow.

–What are you doing here?!

–We are building a legacy for the future race. So they can see the way of life and the knowledge that we dominate in this time. So they do not think we lived in caves.

I do not distinguish the gender of the person who takes the floor, but he responds with interest and denotes kindness.

I try to inquire with the thought for my memory.

<< Past… or, future? How can it be that everything I’ve seen, and what I’m seeing, is the past?!>>


Next chapter: THE WISE

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