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Attached to the wall without rubbing the stones, for an inexplicable respect and as if they were my protectors in this stretch of the lonely and incomprehensible journey, I begin to distinguish what looks like a large empty space in the wall. And another flash thought induces me to continue, I feel the strong attraction, in a state, already of rapture.

Immediately I find myself with a simple staircase, entering a wide cut of the wall. It is not spectacular, but it projects a ceremonial, sublime wave. The end of the short staircase has an upper tier crowned with formidable blocks carved to square, and in its center, a large frame of “door”, formed by two large columns that hold a huge lintel. It is a uniform construction with the rest of the enclosure, although it is distinguished from the foregoing by its solemn and simple feature grandiosity, it is the stamp of the majestic modesty; it is a space with magical, enveloping atmosphere, charged with magnetism generating a special sensitivity. The sobriety of the design overwhelms the senses and activates the spirit. Captivated, I scan inside and look for the door; it seems open, but I cannot see anything that indicates its existence, in the hole there is a deep darkness. I feel a presence inside, disturbing. My feelings are contradictory.

<< Someone … observes me >>.

From that interior a powerful energy is projected that makes me retreat, by an instinct reflex of protection. I hide on one side of the birth of the stairway. I am impressed to realize the imposing dimension of the stone that forms the corner and hides me from the enigmatic blackness in the hollow at the end of the staircase. << Yes … It has to be a person, or an intelligent being, if not how could I receive this sensation, of a subtle message, that I fail to understand its meaning? >>.


Not knowing what to do, I notice my childish attitude. << Hide me, it does not make sense either, you’ve seen me; my best protection will be to show myself strong, imperturbable >>. But this self-belief does not work and the fear beats hidden very close to me, until I totter; I also feel that the being of that gloomy interior has faculties to hear my thoughts, the intuition is intense, the vibrations are powerful, only, I need to see his image. << I do not know what I am facing; I can be in danger, although if he had wanted to attack me, he has me in the perfect target. No … It cannot be, his energy is very strong, I would have fulminated if he wanted to. Why is not it shown, or, can it be … that too, be afraid? >>.

I do not dare to react, I feel trapped in an absurd role with an unknown script and scenario. Suddenly I feel driven by a need to continue, and to find some answer. Between all these thoughts, again, my state of mind regains strength in a progressive ascent, until I feel a surprising change, and even mysterious. I decide to leave my hiding place, feeling the staircase with my eyes, with my mind fixed on the encounter with its peak. I look inside of … another <singular door> in which I see nothing but darkness, although inside it, I feel the beat, of a … Being.


I remained motionless for an imprecise time, there in the middle, next to the first step of access to the sober but impressive staircase. Nothing moved, and no sound broke the silence of the afterlife that seemed to overwhelm the stone kingdom, confined in a “paralyzed” environment that even the air seemed not to exist, and with that perception, that stage was integrated, like a photographed space, in my memory.


Without an apparent reason and without wanting to think more about the event because it is out of my understanding, I am preparing to leave, to continue the path despite not finding any meaning in the haul. << It seems to me that whatever it is, or whoever it is, it has no interest for me. I take the photograph fixed in my memory: without the need for the weight of a camera >>. I leave, aware of the privilege that I witnessed, and of the commitment, of unknown scope, but that testifies (without physical evidence to transport) with the effect of having awakened in my conscience the existence of an inexorable bond, that unites me to this place –and patent from this moment–. << The entrance through the door of the stone block introduced me to an unknown world, without waste; the content is of a value that I do not even reach to glimpse! The seen … and the experienced sensations, they have to have a pedagogical purpose, and the purpose, has to be an answer, a teaching, a contribution to my knowledge! >>.

The episode that just happened does not leave me indifferent, but moved by the rush that took me on a flight with the intention of monopolizing as much information as possible, it leaves me behind riddles that I feel unable to solve, much less with speed, “lost” in an unknown place, but surely, that there is a cause of weight. << It would not make sense to pass before a wonder without understanding the why, of the … so magnificent … work >>.


I went in search of some answer to so many unknowns. I did not know where I was going; it seemed to advance by simple inertia once more, immersed in the labyrinth of a building that embodied science in stone, carved, with masterful art. I understood nothing of the similar cluster of extraordinary visual and sensory wonders; but something was very clear, everything was Science! That fascinated and disconcerted me at the same time.



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