Hastened, fleeing from the disturbing border and in the middle of the gloom, I enter a kind of “street” without noticing how. I focus on the observation of the closest thing to me; I am attracted by the style of construction, and amazed. I assume more consciously the need to fix all images in my memory, because of the relevance that the surroundings projects. I am facing a wall that is like a puzzle in which all shapes fit. Stones of different sizes, some of considerable size, contrast with other very small, fit as if they had been modeled to masterly fill “random” holes in a wall, built, in the most complicated way possible..

I focus my attention on one of the stones: it is of a whitish color newly unworn with some veins in faint pastel pink tones, and sprinkled with subtle glitters by the great content of fine crystalline grain. I feel like I am in a new world shining discreetly under a dark cloak.

One of the pieces of stone embedded in some enormous ones is so small that they seem like a real joke prepared to make you laugh: it gives me a little giggle, and besides, it revives me in the unstoppable burst of surprises about to brimming me over on this unusual journey.

I continue my advancement, until I find a corner: almost I collide for my abstraction with the original wall; its angle is perfect! Among the variety of sizes of embedded stones I see the angle created in the same stone block, it is carved, it is of considerable size, it is embedded in perfect alignment, it would be impossible to imagine (at least for me) not to have it in front.

I glance along the new section, and go ahead a bit; here the size of the stones is reduced, although they remain unequal, but equally fitted, perfect; compose a kind of  living space, with small doors and some openings that looks like small windows. With prudence, I try to see the interior through one of these skylights, but it is impossible by some ingenuity of construction. These facades are crossed by a sidewalk, at a height of about a meter with respect to the “street” – all this observed from a perspective, peculiar and strange, as much, as everything that surrounds me in this extraordinary circumstance. And my tension is continually on the rise.

Something new surprises me in the observation of the place: it is a small animal with thick hair and as freshly brushed, it looks like a baby, it reminds me of the llamas at the first glance, although I cannot recognize the species, I have never seen this breed, but it inspires me a lot of tenderness and I am attracted by the desire to caress it. The white and solitary camelid (when in this other reality I began to investigate the area and its fauna, I recognized him as a guanaco, or vicuña, or maybe an extinct sister breed (traveler reader, I do not intend to show you what I do not know, and my ignorance is shown in this fascinating way), wanders at the end of the sidewalk that widens and forms a kind of corner plaza, where different levels follow one another, through which it jumps from one to another, without appearing to disturb my presence. The scene seems to be made to please the eye; even the space occupied by the square seems to light up in the gloom. Another breath, in an incipient anguish caused by the solitude of my path. The tenderness that the little animal inspires makes me think of children.

<< What a beautiful place to be inhabited: but no human being appears around here. What is happening, or what… has happened here >>.

My emotions change from end to end and begin to mix enmeshing the value that had been put into play with the distrust that without any foundation is strengthening somewhere in my interior. The same perception of my state makes me recover strength, and I think that this despondency is nothing more than the fruit of insecurity and uncertainty that leaves fear approaching. More strengthened by the strength that positive thinking gives me, I continue my progress in search of some explanation, and of inhabitants, by accesses that the dark path puts in front of me, even with some anxiety, and absorbed by deep thoughts.

Suddenly I realize I’ve lost my way. I feel completely disoriented and I try to find a point of reference. I cannot even calculate the distance I’ve traveled while my thoughts revolved around myself. << I looked out of that kind of small square or patio, and now I am in this open shadow. May God help me on this path. I hope… not to be going back to the starting point >>.

I move hastily through the dark space, and return to approach another wall, the closest to the view; I edge it like a guide and advance without stopping at the encounter with an extravagant face of stone embedded in it, and then another at a short distance, and another, and another more, I go ahead without noticing if they are the same; I realize that I may be missing too many details. I stop before one of the intriguing and almost vivid images of stone with grotesque features. I look at one with attention. The expression on the carved face seems to convey a communication without words. I look at the previous one and the later one and I see that they are different, until I perceive the sensation that one is, screaming.

– What does it want to tell me?! In what world am I? Or this is a joke. A series continues of stony faces protruding from the wall that seem to speak … But it is absurd, I cannot ask the stone! What am I, entering a state of madness? -I feel in a ridiculous situation, impotent, I do not understand anything as much as this place seems to mean. Why only stone?! I need to find someone with whom I can understand myself, a person –in this moment, I forge the idea that faces listen to me, or … does ironic destiny introduce me into the same paradox? … To be, or not to be: so that I myself answer my own question. If I am, I have to find an answer. I already have the first answer! : Think, something that I like so much, and here, the situation presents a good philosophical exercise.

Ideas and thoughts rush; I let them flow, unimpeded, as if the acceleration allowed me to take better advantage of each moment. Everything is going very fast, but I continue with a safety slightly touched by the vacuum of uncertainty, and also, I consider the fact that I am living too many new things to be able to assimilate them, and without having obtained a single answer, and not a single recognizable signal that allow me to identify the place where I am.

An interior impression, like that of a call without a voice, attracts my gaze at this moment towards the upper part of the wall of the stone faces.

–I do not know what makes me follow this path of continual unknowns, but there must be a reason, and an answer!


I am amazed to see an extraordinary event. My exclamation has become vibrant waves, visible with small and broken silver undulations; they shine as they expand through a spacious enclosure.

I realize that I no longer know very well when I speak loudly and when words remain in my mind. I cherish this prodigy in my memory, another one among so many happening in this enigmatic transit that, little by little, I admit that it must correspond to me to cross although I do not know the purpose.

Mechanically, almost unconsciously, I rise to the top of the wall to look out. I see a higher level, it forms a spacious path bordered by another wall of huge stones. With decision I cross this open space until I reach the foot of the wall, I approach it instinctively, it serves as a reference and parapet. I advance a small section almost stuck to the wall, uneasy, and hardly notice the environment beset by my own thoughts born of insecurity that at times weakens or strengthens:

<< There is nobody here … or, could it be, that someone was watching me, from somewhere? >>.




Next chapter.


(And everything goes in crescendo… always… in crescendo.)


Copyright Todos los derechos reservados sobre este escrito María del Rosario Cordero Tesón-escrito-copyright ©®©® CROSS THE STRIPE copyright María del Rosario Cordero Tesón ©®©® All rights reserved about this writing


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