Good Morning. Today, June 26, 2017, I begin to hang by installments my first published book: CRUZA LA RAYA, so that the whole world may have knowledge of its distant past, and thus, understand our present, and fulfill the purpose for which it was written. CROSS THE STRIPE. It will be in English, and as I translate it myself. You can all suggest corrections, or comment on our own history; In Spanish or English, and you are in the band of victims or aggressors.


Buenos días. Hoy, 26 de junio de 2017, empiezo a colgar por entregas mi primer libro publicado: CRUZA LA RAYA, para que todo el mundo tenga conocimiento de su pasado, lejano, y así, entender nuestro presente, y cumpla la finalidad para cual fue escrito. CROSS THE STRIPE. Será en inglés y según yo misma vaya traduciendo. Todos podéis sugerir correcciones, o hacer comentarios sobre nuestra propia historia; en español o en inglés y estéis en el bando de víctimas o de agresores.

Installment 1:


María del Rosario Cordero Tesón


Book description

CROSS THE STRIPE, is the testimony of a part of the history of this world, veiled, with a tragic outcome, although it is only the continuation of other previous dramatic events that have marked the journey to our time, and causing the disorientation that plagues the beings of the Earth that we have all inhabited, for thousands of years.

To cross the stripe means to connect with the inner world, with dreams, with all the sciences, with the conscience, with the ingenuity always in search of knowledge, with our personal microcosm, with the world, and with the whole. Already almost expressed in the title, to cross the stripe is to dare to know the reality, the space-time dimension, the past the present and future, to know oneself, the own history lived in this world, as I myself do in this personal journey in search of answers, by a road in which the stone only lack to scream; the sound of the voice itself has color and form, and the mind through the spirit, moves blocks of tons of weight. It is a solitary journey and full of enigmas until arriving to meet with sages who instruct the human beings to live in peace, without using the brute force; They plan, and build with their followers structures where all the pieces form a single edification, and they work the stone masterfully with all the universal sciences, for the new race, the beings of our time: for us.

The past and the future are mixed and at the same time they are defined in this history that evidences other dimensions and suggests a reconsideration, because our present would not exist without our past, and that past that presents the history was carved in stone, as transmitter of knowledge for the humans of our time, and today, we can see the ruins of the site that describes the story, in Tiahuanaco, where events occur, 17,000 years ago. There is exposed the truth still visible despite the immense damage suffered. But we must also look at these works with the eyes of the heart, as the life itself, to understand the depth of its meaning.

And we must now complete the story by discovering the meaning of the masterly constructions set up all over the earth, with the truth that the spiritual sages left in them to awaken in us the knowledge of ancestral and cosmic science. Although the destroyers still continue to tarnish with lies those works that they could not eliminate, and in many cases, usurp the authorship of these unequaled buildings with unsustainable arguments.

Cross the line, it is a story of reality with a background full of love and hope, without a single phrase of fiction.

God knows that love has a vicious and ruthless rival, and that love will be the only ultimate winner in the long and dramatic history of planet Earth.


Table of Contents

CROSS THE STRIPE ______________________

Book Description ____________________ 5

Dedication ___________________________ 7

Quotes ________________________________ 8

SPACE-TIME AND DREAM ____________ 9


THE JOURNEY ____________________________ 12

THE DOOR __________________________ 17

THE ROAD __________________________ 22

THE STAIRCASE ________________________ 26

THE GREAT MOUND _________________ 30

THE WISE ____________________________ 38

THOUSAND NAMES _______________________ 43

SHIRLEY’S TESTIMONY ___________ 50




Notes ________________________________ 85

Added note for this publication on Amazon___ 86

Todos los derechos reservados sobre este escrito María del Rosario Cordero Tesón -escrito copyright ©®©®


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