Images 26/4/15

Illuminati style images here and there. Many are followers of Lucifer. But Jesus will do more with less, because the power of love is unsurpassed.
And God does not lose detail.

Imágenes al estilo illuminati por aquí y allá. Muchos son, los seguidores de Lucifer. Pero Jesús va hacer mucho más, con menos, porque la fuerza del amor es insuperable.
Y Dios, no pierde detalle.

Follow The Money


squid like..


is that a prediction or an order?


ditto the previous comment..

STC - Darpa

“it wont hurt a bit”


the latest series of images from lilo..nearly all featured her with one eye..


uh huh..


one for the ladies..or the men..


tattoo on the neck..not sure what this guys claim to fame is but terry richardson did some shots of him so he could be anyone or no one..


absolute truth..


definitely a shaded one eye from nicky him..the clan of berg..

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony

wtf miley? paul needs to give it up..joan looks reasonably good although a lot shorter than i remember..


love it..

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

smile for the camera..”the joker”..


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