Does it matter one year up or down? … Have past since many years, but still, not Michael Jackson fans even know, who, we are children, or who are the world, and not, fans of Michael are clear, who are THEY. Although they are the ones who profit from the work of Michael and my words, and my life, and my image.
I forgave Michael, he tells you that, in a song: I‘m So Blue, although I know that not either you may understand, in all its magnitude for yourselves.
And I had to forgive back to Michael, after being killed, because work and suffering of Michael and mine for 30 years, has come to serve the opposite purpose for which it was conceived.
And very importantly it seems that nobody cares, why Michael recorded “We Are the World” with the glove, white?914703342_341
I think that people are dazzled with the sparkle.


And here I am, with my hat, which Michael later appropriated, years later he would send me a glove, the left hand.
Until not make the truth your own flag, you will continue to be slaves of your own predator. You will find the path of truth when ye would ask humbly from your inner self.
The truth is the way of love.


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