Does Pope Francis believe Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

This goes for Jesus, son of God, from the feeling of a human woman, with love for human beings:
Each in his own conscience, knows the truth, and if not known, is, that has not yet asked his conscience, with humility, did not ask to God for the truth.
It seems that these leaders must know a lot about good and evil, is supposed to be so, for what they are in the highest positions of their own religions.
But if they really are so good, we should ask, why they do not tell us that there are two paths to take, because there are only two: the way of Jesus and Lucifer’s way. So is the story, in each of the world’s religions, and beliefs each of the remotest tribes: no matter what name they give to each, they know good and evil, Jesus went throughout the land, educating: Two paths, the path of God, creator and kind, or the path of the dark and evil being that fell from heaven. And any human being or creature of this world, is part of one story, are all part of the history of this world, nobody, absolutely nobody is left out. And nobody, absolutely nobody, is obliged to take the path of good or evil path. If God does not force us, nobody, absolutely nobody can force us to choose the path we do not want.
The sound of the voice of God is as if two worlds collide gently together, and although none of this is comparable, another daily simile might be the sound of two colliding clouds full of energy, but also as the voice of a young man and like a child, tender and sweet.
And let no one think that the female voice is not involved in the great Divine project, because it really has a very important role.
I follow the path of truth, path of love, the way of Jesus, son of God. a child girl
Jesus was born only once as a man: he was born of a woman, human, and he will not have to be born again to return to earth.

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During a recent visit to the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, the pope labored mightily to bring Islam into dialogue with Christianity. But does he really accept that God is God?
At the famous Blue Mosque during a papal visit to Istanbul, Pope Francis stood beside the grand mufti of Istanbul and prayed for two minutes, bowing his head, closing his eyes. At the end of his prayer, the grand mufti whispered aloud: “May God accept it.”
One can’t help wondering: Did the grand mufti doubt that God would accept a prayer from the head of the Roman Catholic Church? Indeed, does Francis, or any Christian, genuinely accept that God is God, whether his name be Allah or God?As in previous visits to Islamic countries, the busiest pontiff in recent memory had labored mightily in Turkey to bring Islam into dialogue with Christianity: not an easy thing…

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