UN: Sixty days to beat Ebola or its out of control..IAEA to aid fight against Ebola?

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The UN says the ebola outbreak must be controlled within 60 days or else the world faces an “unprecedented” situation for which there is no plan.

The United Nations made the stark warning as it warned that the disease “is running faster than us and it is winning the race”.

Nearly 9,000 cases of ebola have been reported so far in West Africa, including 4,447 deaths.

“The WHO advises within 60 days we must ensure 70% of infected people are in a care facility and 70% of burials are done without causing further infection,” said Anthony Banbury, the UN’s deputy ebola coordinator.

“We need to do that within 60 days from 1 October. If we reach these targets then we can turn this epidemic around.”

But Mr Banbury told the UN Security Council the 70% target was becoming harder to meet as new infections stack up.

He urged: “We…

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  1. This letter is in article comments:

    this might seem, it is off the topic .. but I really think not.

    More information for you:
    As this blog has good readers, I would like your opinion on this excerpt from my latest book. Maybe I have improved my translations, but either way, I still need help for the real story of this world come to all who want, or need, the truth. It is only a tiny part of a long history in which we are all, ALL! This happened to me in 1980, but anyone else could have been, or could be in a similar situation:

    .. ..

    – Party –

    And now it’s time to fill in this document other missing parts by my memory of events, which occurred in London, and are very necessary, they came to appear in my mind when it recovered almost completely, of an terrible poison, fortunately gradually rescued all those essential parts that determined my journey to get here today. For starters, I reengage with the party to which she took me, my roommate, an American girl who I thought was my friend:
    I was invited by her to the farewell party in the community of students from USA in London. She said that party was very special, well, I could not tell anyone anything about that party, though, it was only a party of young students to dismiss the quarter: Christmas came.
    We walked from the hostel and there came a moment when I said we were going around because we had gone through the same site. I did not think she was doing the clueless, I realized that many, many years later when I recalled the way, and ritual, I thought that was part of a game of students. It made me laugh all this and she told me that I should do that as something serious… I just tried to keep from laughing. I thought the party was out of time, looked more like a Halloween party. The building was very old and dark and we were between Kensington and Notting Hill. The door seemed discordant with the building of stately air but as horror movie, it was a tiny door of a single sheet with a light bulb hanging, so, bulb hooked on the door only with the cable. The building was surrounded by a very dense little garden, as abandoned, in which we accessed through a low door forging, which creaked open. I could not look around; it was part of the script to enter the party. Everything was very dark and I told her that it did not seem a party because everything was scary; I think it was at that time when she told me that she too was afraid, so she was living in the young hostel and that she had only stayed here one night.
    The bulb is moved by a breeze that the origin was not known and even rang once touching the wall. Amid the narrow corridor between thick bushes, the girl told me that I had to cover my eyes and go up a pant leg and put a portion of the shirt outside and leave the rest inside, I wear a shirt that could not be left hanging because it was short, I put half inside pants and half was out, I do not know what happened to what I carried over, I do not remember, I would have to wear something else, there were only days to arrive Christmas, but those days the temperature was very nice, would catch her, I do not remember that detail. I also did not have anything to cover the eyes and I told her that if it was not enough to cover with my hands, and said she supposed it would. She had caught me by the arm to guide me, just have to take three or four footsteps, or how much they were, to reach the small step, with the small door.
    I remember saying to the girl, twenty years old, and I with twenty two, what the organizers had to be very ingenious people to devise all that paraphernalia and maybe I would fashion that climbing a trouser leg and put half a shirt outside, and I laughed. She repeated that I could not laugh or we would not let go, well, me in particular, she belonged there according to her. When we got close to the stage, after a few concrete steps I do not remember the number, she told me something, maybe, we got to the stair, and that would be the longest step, or something alike, then, to put it right foot on the step, I took off a little the hands to see below it, and so was how I saw a pentagram just before the step, was all in a few seconds, it was perfectly drawn with a face in the middle, a very realistic face . I found that a person’s face was right there on the floor, looking at me. And in those few seconds I heard a voice: .
    The door hinges squeaked and already inside I told ‘my friend’ “How well draw one of the organizers. …” She became very serious reproaching me that I should not look, we were doing something very serious and she had warned me that I must cover my eyes; she tried to hide her disappointment, though I noticed it clearly at the time, and the tone of her voice was very low. Then she asked me and I said I had seen a star very well drawn but I did not mention anything about the face and of course none of what I heard in passing on that.

    Perhaps after passing through the small door was a hall tiny, I’m not sure, everything was dark, then we went through another door and we were beside waiting on the start of a corridor, rather long, with tiles in two colors, I do not remember if they were white and black, or white and dark blue, there was some side doors along, maybe some in front but I cannot tell surely, all closed, and from the bottom came a deep strange silence. The girl was very nervous and red as a tomato and I very confused, intrigued and as wrapped between something very disturbing that made me feel chills, but I kept calm apparently waiting for her react. Until I got tired and asked what we were doing there, shutdowns, nothing more. It seemed that we would have someone call us “… to go to another …” and suddenly, she was silent without finishing the sentence. We were both silent other times and suddenly she said, “Well, you’re special, it should be, you do not need, if they do not call us, we can go straight to the party”.
    It is possible I entered as I was, with the recommended model input, I think I told her that if it was the demand of the script, they all came to see me go like this: I think it was. Among the chilling influence of that place, yet the disaster that model style amused me. I had no idea where I was getting into, and just seemed really weird and disturbing, but I was inside, I would disguise as if I had not heard speak to that face of the floor, in the center of a big star, very rare… a very realistic face in the center of a pentagram, at the entrance before going up the stair.
    Then I saw the beer, whisky and other alcoholic beverages at a table in the middle of a huge hall, which circulated at competition pace, and some of them threw the glasses back after drinking, it reminded me of the Russian party and I wondered what kind of Americans were those.
    I didn’t deny myself go down the grand staircase railing that flowed into the hall. But I paid toll before: I drank … I think a shot of whisky in one gulp … no, two … demanded me the boy, after drinking the first shot, that, could not do it any one, and must be, and I could not rise more than up to a certain point, he said very seriously, and only to there. I climbed the steps required counting, now I cannot remember the number, but after steer me upstairs I decided to continue a little longer, and the boy cried: “Do not continue! Stand up! Stop! Stop!” And a few others also shouted the same. I was afraid to climb those last few steps without knowing why, it was a very definite feeling with unpleasant clarity, but I would not lose the opportunity to slide down a handrail with that size, and I heard several times the boy screaming but I continued until I found I was already quite high, but also something invisible and scary, said me to stop a few steps from before, and were not the guys at the bottom on the hall screaming. That voice was hurting hear, I felt, as if hands try to twist something inside me. The voice I felt arriving from somewhere above on the landing of that long staircase.
    When I climbed over the railing, everyone looked at me a little amazed. From up there, I saw two new boys entered in the great hall and one of them was black, a single person black in the meeting. I also saw that all were somewhat surprised and it was not for my boldness. Newcomers were not received very well. Then my friend told me what happened when I asked about the discussion with newcomers that I had seen from above. She hesitated to tell me but in the end told me she has to do. Newcomers were not allowed to stay because they did not belong to the community, and that one of them told I was not an American and I was there and themselves were Americans. She made it clear that one was black and there were all whites. And that I was there because I was a special guest. I felt really bad and gently dropped my words: “What’s up, because he is black?” She replied with a smile of incredulity: “We do not want blacks. Do not you see we’re all whites? “With a gesture I showed my disagreement but I could not do more.
    One day I would realize it was Michael who was kicked out of the party, he followed me, from day one, that morning, Jermaine, had introduced me to all the brothers who were in the hotel suite, where I worked, including Michael, and I know that these presentations were at the request of Michael, could not have been otherwise. Janet opened the door and almost Latoya appeared when I was about to continue my work.
    And this detail is noteworthy in contrast to what happened to the black guy who got kicked and also knew that I was Spanish, even though I was secretly brought there by my friend and roommate.
    When we were still in the hall full of crystal glasses that some broke when content is finished and the whole floor was a huge puddle of all types of alcoholic beverages, I saw enter two men, or three, or maybe one more, older men with a young man in the middle, very handsome, black, as if they were protecting someone important, they went through the side of the great hall and disappeared by a door there at nearby, without looking for the rest of us who were there, well, maybe some took a quick look, but not, the black, and I saw all the people in the party looked furtively. My friend then looked at me and said something like, “Ah! Well … we have a black, but it must be very important, very important …; although I do not know who he is and the majority here, either … I think.
    He was like Obama, but young and he could be no other, no other. One of his “bodyguards” seemed like most of Eastern Europe; to me it seemed no English or American.
    In the end, everyone’s faces would go on television and I would see that this protector was his mentor, Obama’s mentor. Of the others could not say anything, I do not remember their faces, maybe one, but very diffuse and I found this others, more American style.
    Upon leaving, I looked at the building: was a large multi-stores building, very dark and very old, and it seemed as if from a window, they were looking invisible demons. My “friend” repeated to me in a low and very concerned that I do not look over there.
    … .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

    Excerpt from my latest book.
    Each piece of this book is a personal experience, is my life, there is not a single theory, and in my life, many people have interacted, people around the world, good and bad, famous and anonymous, too, God and Jesus.

    My latest book:


    The demons of Lucifer have made me a lot, “demoniadas” for a long, long time. I did not do anything to them, but they want me to disappear from history, and you keep in mind that I am not the only one they want to remove. Devils of Lucifer make us “diabladas” to all human beings, even among themselves. Demons do “Demoniadas” devil’s own things.
    The wheat and tares grow in the same field. Stay tuned on what is happening around..near or far.

    Me gusta


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