Introduction of the book: Woman In Heaven -Part II- We are going to meet

Introduction of the book for those who can read English. Podéis leer la introducción en Español pinchando en la portada del libro.Women in heaven moonwalker on earth -Part II- We are going to meet.
Introduction: WE ARE GOING TO MEET. Corresponds to Enter in the scene the II part of  WOMAN IN HEAVEN MOONWALKER ON EARTH. Here you could find yourself, otherwise you could find your earthly father or your mother, or your brother or your sister. Also here you will find Jesus and his angels, you will hear the voice of God, you will see the light and darkness, love and other human feelings. Also, you will see the evil boss of darkness and his followers. In the midst of this story are all of us, God does not force us, we each choose our path: the path of goodness and light, or the path of evil and darkness.
Beyond the planets and heavenly music, heavens are inhabited by the angels of God and pure souls. From the highest to the lowest outside or inside, God has it all, as this little world called Earth. For human frontal perspective does not seem the same as for the one who sees it from the side, one might believe that the steps go forward, one might think that going back, and a new artist in love, could see in these movements a lunatic act. But the purpose of these steps is only to show love on earth although do not seem to settle on it. God sees what a human can see and also see the love of walking without advancing, despite always wanting to go forward, even seeming to go backwards. The past and the future is the present continuous of eternity. It is easy to see reality in a world perverted banality, but God has given us all our consciousness to see beyond what our eyes can see. Our soul must be fed, but we must avoid rotten food they want to sell us and also be aware, that they do not introduce poisons into our drink and thereby forget who we are. We are going to know us. So continuing my personal experience, what I’ve experienced, and I do not know whether to say I survived poisons, or simply say I resurrected.. This document is a reality that no one else that I could tell. But are many witnesses, each of whom lived every one of those experiences with me; and a witness of the visible and the invisible to the human eye: the same God.
And God in heaven told me: “When you realize what’s going on, you can tell it all.”


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