My covenant with God

This morning I had a dream, to remind me in case I had forgotten who I am: My luggage disappeared from the site. It contained important things with documents. I did not want fly away, but a more powerful force than myself gave me on. I thought I would be exposed to danger by flying so low in the middle of a big city. Many could see me, good or bad. Then the speed is accelerated, reaching a speed powerful in moments, shortly afterwards, a very high brick wall appeared on the road. I thought I’ll crash with it. And I yelled GOD! I overtook one foot touching the wall, smoothly, without more, I ascended surpassing it. I immediately knew that I had nothing to fear: the same God was showing me who I am; I should not forget that, or his great power. Then I was taken by the Arab world in the western world city, and I could even touch. Then I wanted to go back to where I left to try to recover the missing luggage between works, next to a very modern building, and I walked into this building, though I did not want I did it for my own foot. There reigned hypocrisy and vanity. I complied up by steps, very difficult to go up and down also, in very steep, but just for me, it seemed difficult to move there …
I know someone related to my life will die, and my life is related to many people in the world. Somehow, this will have impact. Whenever I lose a luggage, in a dream, death a person who has been in the dream, but this time, I saw many faces, all unknown and no significant in any concrete way for me.
Starting today and every time, I will have very present, who I am, and I will leave evidence of why I’m here. Many are those who need me in this world, while many others wish things very adverse to me.

This is my covenant with God: I would help anyone I could in exchange to know Love for which I had come down to this world, and forgive, to continue on this earth to find the only man for me, and get to know happiness, in a world without love … Nothing compels me; I just want, love, and truth.
The Word of God is always fulfilled.

I will forgive those who apologize sincerely, but I will not answer to anyone over the Internet. Those who apologize sincerely will know they have been forgiven, with they own sincerity, they will hear the answer in their heart.

With God in the heart every disease will be cured.


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