From terrestrial to the celestial

This show explains what Michael was picking my life through the 80s. Moments between him and me, words, phrases, ideas, objects , a mix of my everyday style, all on one stage, and the face … I am the scene. And the children, we are all those who have soul of a child!

Do not think that I’ve forgotten Michael Jackson, he’s my friend, just like before he or I were born in this world. And I have forgiven him. And now he’s in this world, and not called Michael Jackson. I hope his new family does not exploit him, as did the previous one.

Michael Jackson is in my work because I ‘m in the work of Michael Jackson, he wanted to do it and I authorize him. And I write the reality of my life, and my life has interacted with many people through the years.

Besides being a true artist, for Michael, all I said deserved to be transmitted, and that was what I wanted. And he liked how I walked, as I spoke, he liked my face, and he liked my style, I gave it all to him, in exchange, he sang for the truth and for love. No one has told the story of his time as he. That’s why he was killed. In the conversation of This Is It, I answered, also, to Michael: “… I do not know what will happen, I will continue, to me, is what I have left is to write …”
He went wild because it was the scene, but also had a crush on me, and on his album, Invincible, he included: You rock my world. And I’m glad of that title. Hollywood and the music industry are monsters that I avoided as I could, but they are there and everyone can see them.

And this started in December 1980, the Moonwalk, joined us for life.

But during those days, there came also the love that I came to find in this world, it came with a flock of Harlistas, with the engines of their Harley roaring from the bottom of the street, as they neared the hotel, in which Michael Jackson was staying: to greet him.
He wore full-face helmet, but I saw his eyes, with my gaze inside of a shock. That warm afternoon for December I also went to work, the owner of the hotel asked me the favor, I only worked in the morning, and that afternoon, it was to be there for a while in reception.
I would have to go again in the afternoon, but this time would be to tell me what predicted to him a white mage, very prestigious in London, according to Peter, and the mage had first consulted by Michael Jackson and five of his brothers and sisters, and then was called back by the elderly, by La Toya and Jermaine.
Michael also came to know what they hid him. Michael saw things that others did not want to see.

The Annie of Smooth Criminal, is so ignored, such as Smooth Criminal, but what I did was in front of God, as something that should serve the good, for truth, for love, not for vanity or greed or for some murderers, ranging drugging, or murder people well.
And Annie, keeps saying out there: This Is (not) It!

And Michael said:

…This is it, I can feel

I’m the light of the world, this is real

Feel my song, we can say –Feel my song, we can say–

And I tell you feel that way…

And the song, I’M SO BLUE? They are there, laughing at Michael and me:

…Here I am so all alone

And I am so sad and lonely

Tell me what will I do

I can’t explain, I’m all alone

You used to love me

I feel I’m your blue

–THEY TOLD ME– you should sing a song

Of happy with your feeling blue

I’m singing for so very long

Still crying, tell me what should I do

They were laughing in the face of Michael, and the same time on mine. They were doing all kinds of things to replace Michael Jackson: they were, Branca and Mcclane, they came to catch Michael, here at my place. And Murray was pacing around. And this day, they had told Michael that was working for them and there directly began the recordings for This Is It, of Michael. I was still very sick, was the first night I went out, after leaving a living death, thank God, literally, who grabbed me with great force. They themselves had tried to kill me and my state they imagined. But they only thought of it in the door of my house, at least Branca.

This Is It, and I’m so blue, are two songs from Michael about the conversation we had on 27-6-2008, he and I, here at my site. And as they came behind him, Michael introduced me to Branca and Mcclane: John and John. Michael said.

If you want to know why Michael Jackson wore a white glove or hand and arm with a kind of band , or cuff , or hat , or strips , or why, he mix in a show the Moonwalk with Smooth Criminal and Dangerous, and a female voice says : ” I know you want me ” if you want to know the truth , not only about thirty years of work written by Michael, about my life and his, too, everything else behind him and me, which did not hit the stage but it is now necessary to know, is described in the book: WOMAN IN HEAVEN MOONWALKER ON EARTH – MUJER EN EL CIELO MOONWALKER EN LA TIERRA. But there is much more content, much, much more … until the title was lengthened.

The human being is in danger.

God knows what has happened in more than fifty years … and in heaven, when I was not yet twenty, he said: “… When you realize what is going on you can tell …”

And I asked myself, ‘Where I am going to count? Who will listen to me? Who will believe me when I tell out all this? ¿…Who is going to be interested in my life? … ‘

My God, I have the truth already, and love… God, I gave a lifetime to find Love.
In the third stage, I would live Love. Love…

Thank God, your word is always fulfilled

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