Michael Jackson the vigilant and Moonwalker

12 may 2010

Vigilante para Michael y Moonwalker * English*Spanish

This was written by a lot of hurry, although a friend teacher of English did this translation. I counted the most urgent thing, and I have put the date on which I hung it for the first time. The details, not less important, will have his moment. Many years earlier, when Michael still knew Spanish little, a bodyguard said to him that I was dangerous for him. The meaning of Dangerous, I understood it very well, and answered him: it is possible that you are more dangerous for him that I! This went out from my soul.


Michael Jackson the vigilant  and Moonwalker

Moonwalker, continue: in another part of Michael’s life, and mine.

Now with a bodyguard, another episode that needs to be known:

This happened at the corner as I was going toward my house, which was on a short street that was transversally converging with the mine. It was more or less towards the middle of the street and on the same sidewalk that I was walking on, at which point is when the situation presented itself before my eyes.  I didn’t even I notice the car coming down two or three guys inside with musical instruments, I liked seeing this: humh… musicians around here, how nice!

Music has always captivated me… but now I won’t explain my relationship and feelings with it. But at that moment, I felt a special vibration in the air, and I know that music causes these things because we were created with it in no vain.

One of them saw me turn the corner, as if expecting to see someone appear. And before turning the corner, I felt something; there was someone waiting to find me. When I looked toward the group, I didn’t even observe the face that stared at me, which quickly changed to the opposite direction. He seemed restless and confused and the atmosphere became tenser. Near him and the others, was someone who seemed to have had no relationship with them. But he was there. (Then, they talked amongst each other very discreetly.  I noticed their strange movements while I approached them and gave it made me laugh because I saw they wanted to go unnoticed. I was thinking: These are famous people who do not want people to know where they are staying in town. (In a flat central to the city)

Hesitantly, two of the boys crossed the sidewalk and entered the gate in front of the car that was parked in a double row. It all began to seem very odd to me; they were young, why were-they-hiding? I wasn’t looking boldly, however, I was trying to decipher what was happening there. I didn’t understand the sense of such bizarre behaviour.

As I turned the corner, one of them who was there between the parked cars, saw me. That was when I began to understand the situation a little more. There was something strange with artist’s get-up, who suddenly emerged from between the parked cars. Then he crossed the sidewalk and I was there, I started to suspect that he was a watchman, he muttered: … and why are you dressed like that? Already in the gate, the artist answered something in such tone: “We’ll talk later”

“I have already seen that picture somewhere, no idea where, but I have to remember this image “

The artist was wearing a hat that seemed too large; he was embracing it with his arm. I thought that he might want to use it for some show; he was also carrying something in his other hand. He looked in the opposite direction of mine and I couldn’t see his face, but you could tell that this man was artist. His jacket was large, but fitted tightly, it was dark, and it could’ve been black with a watery effect. I could hardly get a view to make an easy guess. And that top hat…

I am no longer going to deprive me of seeing everything I can, and I saw; the guard wanted to see me but he did not want me saw his face. He was wearing something beige, it was perceived that he wanted go unnoticed; He was looking at me from the corner of his eye with the face of bitter. “I’m fed up to do errands for himhe finishes his work at once! … And then I’m going to live very well … but I do not know what will happen here … we are many … we are already too many … and this woman… not going to spoil this has taken so much time to organize.” This was the thought of the watchman, was what I received from his thought.

Passing next to the gate I looked inside, and just I saw how the artist with very special costume jumped and pushing his fellows -I think they was two- and disappearing around a corner, but I said in my thinking, “How should being, that the artists are revealed against the oppressors, Him is a true artist, I wonder who he isWell, I end up finding out, and leave something over there. “ ….

I tried again to see the face of the guard, but he was careful that I do not see it

I could not say how much time passed since this event occurred, until a young man caught my eye that had same things in his hands, did not seem heavy but delicate; hid his face because he was not pleased that I saw him carrying objects, yet, he gave laughter; He was carrying something big was also very colourful, but I have not managed to remember the exotic object… related to nature. It was a weekend or a holiday, and there was not much movement on the street early in the afternoon. And now I also understand the significance of that change.

I was tired of living in that area, the people around was, very strange and I did not realize how far I was the centre of many looks, some hid their faces and some were outright; the guard left behind a trail between neighbours on the street; that from that day transfer of objects, It was also Michael Jackson Street, and the windows of his

new home looked toward mines.

I hope for many songs by Michael created in that house. When I cut the rod of S. Joseph of the pot in my window, when he sang and then shouted: ¡Soy Michael Jackson! ¡Soy Michael! I am Michael Jackson.! I am Michael! … Or when I started moving, I heard: She goes!  I miss her! I’m going to lose her…!Se va! ¡La pierdo, voy a perderla…! )

At that stage I was screaming more than singing and dancing without stifling to release tension. I was hoping the Love of my life, but it seemed mostly approached me ill, and I don’t know if Michael noticed what was been happening there. Provably do not all… And now, I am thinking in Another Day, the recording reverse.

I never understood the world around me, but at that phase, I managed to free myself and balance my spiritual world with the surrounding, among all the absurdity that was around me. Living in this place I felt that something strange was up; while I reread Job: Wisdom Song: 28-3: “Man overcomes the darkness digging through the rock bottom finally dark and tenebrous.”

Now I know that Michael tried to approach me once at this time, but the bodyguards back in the middle, was controlled from the street first, I was in a pub under my house, to reproach the falsehood and misery to a person, what I had before me then in a very tense situation. It was at this time that Michael came into the bar. Now I know that he was Michael, hiding the person who was yet wanting being himself, I could feel it.

I was at a table near the entrance and I had a complete picture of the pub in front of me. He stood in the middle of the bar supported, and his back on me, and the guard at his side, facing Michael and me. I noticed that they were listening to the conversation in which almost everything I said. I do it quietly observing. Michael immediately went away, hiding her face when he was leaving, I don’t think even five minutes elapsed between his entrance and exit from this place, where sometimes I took the coffee alone, and I perceived this strange character, I did not know that this man was a bodyguard, but something made me think he was, that seemed to me, he controlled me from the opposite sidewalk.

He was a controller for Michael Jackson… as he was to me.

Many who sells his soul.

While I was organizing the move will not see life in those windows, nothing moved, until one of the last days I spent there, I noticed that all windows of that apartment were open, windows that look out I saw ever the young mulatto with curly hair was now a white man with dark hair, very stretched with his belly, stared at me as if from there, he might dominate the world… in May 2003.

In this dwellingthat Michael lived, was also Lenny Kravit. I heard them rehearse, Lenny liked to see me, when I were looking out of large window of my home, but Michael made Lenny pulled out of my sight immediately. I have some other anecdote with Lenny Kravit written in my blog. ….

And this is a good time to launch another shout of encouragement, we need love, we need the truth:

Free yourself from fear, because it only prevents you from seeing the truth and being free…..

God will not let the truth in the dark….

Rosario Cordero Tesón ©® All rights reserved….

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