Michael Jackson I’m So Blue

–Annie of Smooth Criminal—–

Michael has been my friend
there, where time does not exist;
but I was always in love
the same man, here and there:
of his great friend

Michael became a musical genius,
all for love.
The first time I heard his voice I knew,
And no one can overcome a play like Michael,
for that, the artist has to feel true love.

It is sad to see how they mix it all,
and are deformed as a story
painful, which lasted nearly 30 years.
But the murderers, what they do?
She!She! … And Michael.
And I could not say less:
you outdid yourself, Michael
and you knew, as I valued.
You went, and wept beside them
and we knew they were murderers.

Thanks for helping me remember, Michael
Also … I heard them, they said something,
on your songs:
“… You  have… Your Songs” I saw their effrontery

You had said that I should know
something about me,
and I answered: What I have to know about me
I’ll find out for myself.
You were not, bad, you were a human
and Dangerous, will be there, will be here
because we need the truth,
and you, go with me. As always was.
God wanted you to see it,
and you said Michael: She is Invincible

They knew very well that my mind left aside,
but they ignored, that God was
and is, in my soul and my heart.

Everything I have done and still do in life is for the same reason: SO LOVE DOES NOT DIE

And the next video, I’m so blue, Michael sings one of the last songs he wrote in his life, and is a continuation of a conversation between him and me, and part of that conversation is: This Is It, all the same night, and they were there, one was Branca and another McClane. Michael, introduced me to these two, that night, he did not like it but he said that could help to us.
But also, other, for the same band, went through here in the shadows.


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