Remember the Time- Por la verdad- For Truth- part 5


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  1. Thanks a lot…

    Hey there, I really appreciate your post, pretty good reading. I’ll be looking forward for your next post….


    • thanks Woauiy. Before, I forgot my birthday and add another year, now, every year I know how old I am fulfilling


  2. There is noticeably a lot to know about this. I believe you made some nice points in features also. 503407


  3. Dear Rosario7,
    I read your amazing relationship w/ Michael J. I’m assuming it’s all true. My real concern now is your safety! You mentioned the terrible ‘devils’ who you think were responsible for MJ’s death and Peter Lopez’ death. Are you safely hidden away with all that entails? Do you have a lawyer to help you claim your copyright or trademark? I hope so.
    Are you going to be submitting anymore of your blogs? I’d love to know where you are but I won’t ask. One poster behind you said “Chile.” …
    I’m mainly focused on Peter L. now. Catherine Bach and I studied acting together many years ago and I saw her w/Peter many times. Her ‘911’ call sounded like she was on some sort of mind control when she described the event–totally removed and detached. Not like her at all.
    Where did you list the drugs used on you? You said you were going to list them “below,” but I didn’t see them.
    So many mysteries here; it appears the police are not doing a thing. People working to solve these crimes are heart-broken fans who have done lots and lots of work on the subject.
    Have you been in contact with Geraldo [or Craig, his brother] Rivera? They did some investigating on MK’s and Peter’s deaths on TV.
    I’d love a response if you get this and have some time.
    Meanwhile, please stay totally safe. [if that’s at all possible].
    Tai / Mel


    • There are many questions, Tai, and may have some errors in the translation into English in my videos. However, all questions will be answered, we need the truth and must be exposed, is the time of truth. Thanks, Tai, for contacting me, and get involved in something as important as the truth. The truth is the only way of love.


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