MICHAEL …sólo Michael

Una respuesta

  1. Michael … only Michael .. So Michael Jackson told me when I asked what was his stage name after talking to him … I do not know … perhaps an hour or more, and many times I did not even know what place I was, and retained most of what we had been talking, my mind suddenly went blank, on many occasions. And that day I had left home after months, because I needed to feel that I was still alive. So let my mind his murderers … Michael’s murderers, not even the little time I remembered the name he had told me when we started talking … Thank God I survived. And thank God, I have regained my memory, and all the memories are recorded, and also other, more distant, I recovered all my life, and truth will triumph, so, as will complete the prophecy. The truth will triumph, and love will take visible form.
    … Michael … only Michael

    Me gusta


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