Within a few days will mark three years of these facts, and Michael Jackson needs the truth, I need the truth, Love needs truth, the man who accompanied me in silence for a long time, and human beings need the truth. The truth is love.

Outside the day is splendid, normal by 4 June.
I begin by telling how and why Michael Jackson rewrote the song titled, This Is It. I will not stretch out this story by telling all the facts surrounding it, I will focus on key details, it is so complex and extensive that the declaration would be extended to become the memories of a life, a life that follows a path parallel with other lives in search of truth and love, a road with many curves, climbs and descents, and now I only intend to show the reality of specific events, essential to justice, by the way of truth. I shall speak in the clearest possible way and asking God for the gift of eloquence and memory, I need to leave testimony of these events.
I will pick up other parts of previous writings, presented in my blog on myspace, and facebook, and expand on the details, then did not include in those moments of anguish, pain and sorrow, while I was recovering from an illness, I understand later it was a poison, and now I understand, not only given me a poison with intent to void my mind, this time was a clear attempt to murder, and later I also remember, who wanted to shoot at me coming to my door, in order to enter my home. Three came together: the lead was Branca, then intervened Dileo, and McClain, remained silent.
But it was not the only ones that came with the same intention, a few months later came another group of three, and I know that these are the ones who tried to do with Speed ​​Demon, as they did with Michael, the man who agreed to stay on one side, so that Michael wrote a work for the world, this man is the friend of Michael. And then also came a couple of girls with the intention of entering my home … I think his father and brothers of one of them wanted to leave for her a role … And after all this came to my door, a carpet seller, which I had seen him in thousands of sites and situations and many times I said to myself, there is the one who looks like Michael Jackson, and he was leaving me heartrending screams as he entered the elevator as it descended. “… You do not open the door to anyone! Do not open the door! For anyone! You never open the door to anyone! Do not open the door to anyone!”
THIS IS IT: Michael Jackson said.
And I had said to him: Michael Jackson is a light to the world of our time…
And Michel: … I never heard a single word about you…
I have no evidence in my hands, are in foreign hands to me. But my words are in the truth, and I will not stay silent. Thank God I’m still here so that my words are heard.
Michael did a lot of footage of me for almost thirty years, including one to start: This is it, the same John McClain, recorded in Maluka pub, where the conversation took place, on June 27, 2008, (at a party Called, 1 Blog And Night Asturias) and I will relate below. THIS IS (NOT) IT, and Michael says it in this song, we can say.
Feel my song, we can say….
And I repeat: This Is (Not) It….
In the song Michael tells part of what we said, and I have to do also very short. And I repeat, what I said to him with my own voice: “Michael Jackson es una luz para el mundo de nuestro tiempo… Y lo necesitamos… “Michael Jackson is a light to the world of our time … And we need him … “Although the first time I just told Michael: Tú eres una luz para el mundo. ” You are a light to the world … “This was in 1981.
Here, I will not explain how we present Michael and I that June 27, 2008, or how he would say to me “my baby” or that I did not leave the glass in my hand ever, and neither did he, or as he told me he was the man I expected in life, and I told him that he was not, and then he wanted to introduce me to his friend by saying that I speak like this man and that man and I would make a good couple, and I did not accept, because that was my thing …
Later I would ask him: to Michael, to help him, but it seemed to him later, that he said. Neither will I go into detail about what he told me about that concert organizers were telling Michael they wanted to put as the opener of the concert Lady Gaga, and he would not because she is the reverse of what he was doing, Gaga is on the dark side. In addition, Michael told me he did not believe anything they told him because everything was cruelty. Nor I’ll tell you what happened at the time around us, and he decided it best we changed the other way, because he wanted to talk to me … or many other things. I will detail the most urgent and significant:

Those who came with him, they are not moving away from us. I got the impression that they were very attentive as we spoke. I told Michael, that his friends were there alone and apart, he repeated to me: they are not my friends, but they insist on saying that I work for them. They came here without warning, and I do not know how they learned, that I came to this city, I did not tell anyone. And I know they bring bad intentions. I’m in danger, but in fact they are my enemies, and they have my work on their hands … … One is the producer and the other attorney. And what is happening here, just so you know…
And I felt the fear he was feeling. I did not know what happened; I tried to be strong, struggling with my illness. He said: “I did not think do these, but I will introduce you to them. At best, serves… …to help us. At that time I can not speak … my mind was empty of words. We approached them. “I’m going to introduce you my girl friend.” said Michael, and quickly appointed: “John and John.” I did not catch anything, and repeated Michael, Juan y Juan; they also speak Spanish.
We shook hands, grinning … and I heard the thoughts of Michael, <<… This woman is accustomed to formal presentations …>> they did not understand my name and Michael repeated quickly, “Rosario” Immediately Michael said: “I have to keep talking to her, you sit there, and then I go.”
They stayed there a little more, and I heard John the dark, whispering, to the blonde … “This will soon no longer tell us what to do …” while the blond, looked at Michael and me on the sly.

I still felt the fear that Michael felt, and had long since I felt no fear, knowing that I was also threat of death …
“Why do you come, with enemies? … You told me you have a good friend here!”
“I told him I was leaving here” Michael replied.
And what…?! You are in danger, these people are not good.” I could feel it … and he replied: “I can not, I’m embarrassed. Besides, I had things to do here and I have to do it myself.
-” It does not matter…! Call him!!” -” I can not! I will not do.” He said. “I’m an artist and he has no relationship to this world.

-“.. But here … Missing one … other … That one would not come here, here he calls too much attention and he does not want to be seen, I know. And that one I can not stand to him by my side … I can not stand him! I can not stand him!! … If something happens, you will know who he is …” – “How will I know who he is?” I asked. “You’ll know. But then, I may not say anything … Cause I’ll be, dead! …¡” …”¿ Why you telling me all this to me?!” he replied: “Someone has to know and I know you’re the right person.”
“I no longer knew where I was, I did not know if it was real what I was experiencing, was the first time I went to the place, and the first day that I left the house at night, still sick, and at that time I did not nor had known where I could get out. A year later (two days before first anniversary) the face of the character that Michael told me, became famous in the world: by injecting propofol to Michael Jackson. Conrad Murray. And when I saw his face in the press remembered the times I had seen him around me, those summer days, watching me from a huge car, brown.. And I remembered the thoughts that I heard in the mind of Murray: “… I enjoy everything is yours …is… a lot!! a lot!!!!… muuchoooo Muuuuchoooo!!!! …” “I did not understand what that phrase meant, but yes, the sense that he said it. And I just thought that with what is mine, no one can get, because the only possession of which I was aware, was spiritual.
We continue the conversation in pub Maluka:
Then Michael asked me what I did, what, I was doing in life, I told him I was telling stories lately; his face appeared in a surprise gesture, and I told him I was trying to present a book I had just self-release … Without going into the speech, I will say that he asked me if I was talking about Michael Jackson in the book, I was amused, I said no, that this story happened 17000 years ago, but he could be … but not under that name, and that any person who identify with this story is in it.
He also said: “I’m looking for musicians and entertainers … you could come with me.”
– … I … no…!” And he asked – Why not?” “I never got one on stage to act and I will not do at age 49.” “There are women in your age and older who do.” “Yes, -I said- but they spent their entire life on stage.” “You could do as you wish.” he said. And I do not understand why someone would tell me that I did not know, but I kept the conversation. – What I would do…?” “We would look for something, if you come all will be well … And the rehearsals of the show, would be in Spanish … Come with me!”
“I will not go anywhere, I have to stay here. – Why, what’s here …?! – I said, “This is my site … and I’m also sick.” –”What’s wrong with you?” he asked me … “I do not know … … I’m sick of everything … muumm …my head is not right! Well … I’m better now … but my mind still is not right, I’ll be 60 or 70% of my ability” ( I would take long time to realize, that I had been poisoned) actually I was ashamed to tell him that I might be only 50%, my mind was empty of memories, and I had trouble coordinating the words. And I thought : <<… Well … So I will have room to store everything that is happening here … I have to control this …>>
And suddenly, my head went blank again. And I said to myself: <..>
“If you come with me you’d have everything you need to heal.’ he said … Come with me, just for a while, a year.” <..
And he continued. -… well … a year and a half, and then you come back; if you want … I did, famous to many people…
I asked him if he was famous and he replied: “Not here, but in some places yes, in some parts of my country …- I asked: – From where are you?
“I’m American. “You’re not American, you’re fooling me, and you’re from South America. – He chuckled before replying, “I’m American.” “You have no accent.” I said. “Because I work with many South American and Spanish.” he said. – What do you do? I asked. “I do it all … I climb on scaffolding … and what it takes …- I thought of Michael Jackson, but without associating with this man. Sometimes I thought it was him, and the other was not, and I had decided from the beginning, since he started talking about M. J., Do not say that I had met Michael J. and I said: “… I’m staying here.” in addition, I was convinced that was the time would come the man of my life, I could not go anywhere.
Michael continued: “I was looking for all these people, whom I helped, and all rejected me. Everyone! Some of them did so with very bad manners. Nobody wants to work with me, some accused me. .. Something … very serious! – What are you accused?! “I do not want to talk about it … He said looking away to hide his eyes, suddenly flooded with tears … but I did nothing, they charged me only to hurt me, and to sink my career! I did nothing wrong! – (I can not explain all the details, but all are very important … that would stretch far … …) But I felt he was sincere, well, I was hearing many thoughts passed through his mind. I thought that this man had been a good father to my children, but I had already complied with that race … … And when that time came, I realized that he could also hear my thoughts. We also talked about our marriages, our children … the two were all alone … although he had a friend, but older and sick, and all that I had made ​​me think that this man was the repetition of the life of Michael Jackson. He also told me that the worst people in the world, was behind him, but declined to say me who they were … I could not imagine that they were worse than those who were behind me. And it myself, reach find that they all are the same and are in the same direction.
I’ll leave a long conversation without telling, and I continue with the following:
Before he went, to where sat the two greedy, I told Michael that he was very much like Michael Jackson when he was 20 and a few years. And he asked me if I knew, as was Michael Jackson at that age … all the people my age know how he was, at that age, I answered, and at that moment, I felt in danger…
“You’re in love with Michael Jackson – he said. And I was struggling to maintain dialogue, and the insecurity that I felt, would not let me say that Michael was in my spiritual side, this has been the story that I never forgot about Michael Jackson, and always wanted to find him, for who was aware that I was the person he was at Neverland, the person he named, angel. He called me and when I presented myself there, he got scared. This came to the press and many called him eccentric, and … things only happened to someone like Michael Jackson. My God! …
Michael danced before me in the style of the early Michael Jackson, how I saw him dancing as he left the reception hall, hotel where we first met in December 1980 in London. And this time I told him I did not like imitators of Michael J. … I needed to see how he reacted, I was on the defensive, my mind got tangled and I did not even know he or I had said from the beginning of the conversation, and I was unable to cope with the story so dense. He, almost angry, he said: – For you followers of Michael J. are very important! And do not forget it!
That day, Michael is wearing the same clothes as the day I first saw him in the hotel room and danced for me, with his brothers and Janet, looking as hallucinated as I, La Toya appeared in the living room when all we had presented, Jermaine was saying the names of everyone. But I did not understand the name of Michael.
And it was the same clothes he wears when he cut his hand and he bandaged it right there and then danced the moonwalk, and then he yelled pointed a finger at me: She is Invincible! There were more people around me. But all this I would take a long time to remember it…
At this point in the conversation I’m afraid that I was not sure who I spoke, he was not fully aware of my mental condition, and very nervous I asked him how he knew me and he said he believed that he was wrong, and I said, … yes … sure …!Do not hang around me more!! (His face was the face that I saw over thirty years, around me, and this is also written by Michael, a way to begin to tell this long journey: Threatened. Michael wrote in poetry a long way, always, one step behind me.
And he looked out the corner of his eye to the other two, fearing that they heard what he told me … and when he left, he returned to fence a little to me and said, “I will do my job, even alone. It’s my job and I will!
Then I looked at him, he was a little apart from the other two, very thoughtful … with an expression of sadness, hurt me to see.
Then, we both were aware that we heard each other’s thoughts. In the song THIS IS IT, he gives me answers, so I did not understand in this conversation, and he tells what he heard in my soul.
And I, among many of the thoughts I heard in his soul, that: something happens to her … not right … something happens to her … something has happened
Michael’s soul and mine, in This Is It
Somehow, I understood that he could hear some of my thoughts; I knew he was special, so I could hear his thoughts and the way he treated me, and if I did not hear all his thoughts, at least heard a big part. But I was aware that my mind was a container where the information entered and escaped to a place that I could not define, nor I was able to control and tried to keep telling myself … it has to be recorded this has to be recorded … somewhere in my mind this has to be. God help me … God help me.
When Michael left, beside which he said were not his friends, so, the soliloquy in the soul of Michael and myself, and my memory has been recovered:
<< I: -… This man seeking a lover… Why he looking for lover? Is young…. is like me … I do not understand what he wants this man. But at my age no longer accept anyone seeking something similar. I’m sick of seeing all those who stay with anyone, even if not love, only to not be alone! Or any interest…
-M.: I’m in love … I’m in love! And does not know who she is! -I: And why he looks for a lover … Why he will not tell her…. why he comes to find me as lover? -M.: She does not know who she is … She does not know who she is! – I: And for that, or why I have to know who she is. ..?! What I have to do with that woman … why he is not going to tell her …?! What is … she would not understand all this love that this man has?
-M.: “The life of this woman is a disaster. -. I: – Yes… is a disaster! But God will help me. -M.: This woman is constantly thinking of God, awaiting only God’s help. I know she would help me if I speak clearly … I know … but I have helped many people and I never helped her … Now I’m ashamed, I’m embarrassed to ask for help … -I: Some should have plenty of shame, a lot, so they’ve done with my life.
M.: “Now I am alone … All alone. ¡¡…’m alone..! – I: “Why do I feel so sorry for this young man … well … I always felt sorry for all people… but it hurts … … it hurts! And I took every single life, well … my father … but he could do little with all that was around … no one else cared what happened to me … and nobody cares what is happening to me now …… But I have God…!
M.: “To her, something happens … she is not well … this woman is something wrong … She happens something. – I: – Of course something happens to me! Clear what happens to me … Something very serious! But I’ll recover … God is with me and he will help me recover and I will be able to do everything, I could not do for nearly fifty years of my life … God will help me … I’m to recover and I will … better than before all this! …. why all this happening to me why I can not understand anything …
-M.: I did everything wrong! I did everything wrong … and now I can not go back! -I: For when we do something wrong … we fix it! >>
I could barely look at her face; gusts were only because I could not keep his gaze on me. But then I saw his eyes that seemed out of their orbits and realized that not only I was using telepathy:
<< I: – This is for those who hear! Well …Well, what he takes this too to Hollywood! What there has them good need to know what happens inside. God … all for Hollywood! … I’m sick of all spirituality is going to Hollywood and be in the hands of greedy that they see nothing but money, and do not mind at all the spirit, and they distort the message until people are not aware of the truth. My God! And we need it here too … also needed here, people here are not aware of anything. This is horrible. It’s horrible the way the world. And I can not do nothing but watch this all … I gave everything … I have done nothing but give everything I had, but who is interested in the spiritual … everyone is looking for money. My God, when will I be able to do something? And now as I am … “someday I’ll be able to do something?!>>
I turned to look at Michael, he had sat on the opposite side of the table next to which sat two namesakes greedy and a little apart, ignoring everything around him looked at me crying. I had to look away, my eyes filled with tears, my heart broke, not only to see their tears, also feel the pain he was feeling.
I: <<“Well I’ll go talk to him before he leaves. I have to tell. I wish him luck. All this I see it very badly, but I wish him luck, I want him to do well in their work. But he has to wait a bit … I also I have to wait – M.: “I’ve met thousands of women, but none like her, none is like her. She is very humble… very humble… >>
I knew he was referring to me in that sentence, I looked as amazed at his face expressing tremendous pain, I saw him in a few moments he turned my eyes, I could hardly face the power of his gaze with my helplessness and desperation to understand that circumstance with my mind in disarray. But I kept trying to attract and retain everything that was living and hearing, and so I listened to those who came with Michael, I remember what the blonde said to the dark: “These two are equal, and another said: “To us, that we do not care, and this before a year has to be done … … Look at the faces, they will understand the thinking, surely they are communicating with the mind … “Then the blonde said:” “… If she did not notice anything … we took everything. “I asked God to be recorded somewhere in my mind repeating: This must be recorded somewhere in my mind somewhere has to be my God …My life can not stay empty!
I was on my feet, waiting for the owner of the store, he looked after me, among other things, I wanted him to do something, that those who were with Michael never stopped recording, although Michael when he saw my gesture of disapproval, with He gestures toward the Branca and McClane, they stopped recording, one with the camera and the other with a cell phone while I waited. And then I heard this: M: “Well I’m not going to wait .- Immediately I decided to go to Michael before he left, and when I turned with a step forward, I was paralyzed. He was not there, only the other two, looking at me. I looked around, I just hear him in my mind, but I did not see, nor leaving the room or anywhere else. A great weight was on my heart and I could barely stand on my feet, not only was my mind that did not respond it was also my body.
I soon decide to leave there. I tried to draw the attention of the owner of the premises from near the bar, to say goodbye, he told me he would add me as a friend on myspace, and indeed he did. At that time, someone suddenly released me this sentence from behind my ear:
“I’m here to tell you to forget everything you’ve seen here.” I barely did not look at him, and I said to him “And who are you to tell me what I have to remember or forget?!” I saw a face, surprised, I did not recognize, a round face and dark hair.
When I was leaving the pub, I saw McClain, sitting in the exit stairs recording with a mobile phone or small camera, and very quickly got up and ran upstairs, when I realized that I quickened my pace and I climbed the stairs, to reach out, I could see on the street the same 4×4 that I had seen coming out of my house, and saw McClain walk through the passenger door very quickly, and I saw Michael in the back, he stared at me. .. and the same attitude I had seen in a car in Kensington Gardens, London, in December 1980, peeping and hiding, but this time he just stared at me and then he went into hiding, before the 4×4 in which he was thrown out and disappeared around the corner, near the door of the pub. I could only think: these people were following me…!! I felt very tired … I had no security to get to my house walked in one go.
I do not know where I got the strength to reach half way to my house. I stopped to rest in the bar where my intuition focused suspicion that was the place where my disease had occurred. And there, where some time later, joining all the memories and after seeing their faces on the Internet, it became clear to me that first, Branca, and McClain, were in that bar together, and later, Dileo and Mottola.
Michael knew quite well as I liked and loved Michael Jackson, and much of what I knew about him, about his soul, though not as much as I would have liked to me that he knew, and he knew how far I tried to help him in that difficult moment for him and me.
And days after the conversation in the pub, Maluka, with Michael:
As of today June 4, 2011; is about a month to be three years after that encounter. The following is a copy of an entry in my blog on myspace, on the date July 5, 2010. And now the time has come for the party was not counting, in the first exit on the wall as in the second. At the time, I left a note on why that does not narrate the final part. And now I take the liberty to do so, because I know this person starred this episode, is with me, he told me not to voice it, but told me from his soul, and from the day happened this story … well … long before … He has been with me, although nothing was easy, either for himself or for me, and not for Michael, they are many, those who are against love. The truth is necessary for justice and truth is the only way to love, and someone should put voice.
Second entry of this text: July 5, 2010. On this date I filed a detailed, Murray’s participation in this happening of locomotion.

Pyramid of locomotion
Open trial
To remember … because these days, that stop the automobile has already served two years, this text is repeated on the blog, was hanged for the first time on Sunday, July 12, 2009 … The text was in the process of correction when I saw the news: Michael Jackson has died.

Pyramid of locomotion

I walked the last mile out of the park, and my sight already controls as cars and motorcycles were occupying two lanes of a bridge fell on my right, quickly formed two rows in front of the light, but nearly complete the way to the top of the slope where it appeared, and the pedestrian green color.
I was wearing … race walking … I do not know that running would be equivalent to standard mechanical traction engines, perhaps the third … or fourth, and my mind maybe was in fifth, at the time; I quickly realized that it was surreal.
That could only be prepared by a Higher Power, and I could not imagine the purpose. It suggested to me an obligation or proposal for a challenge, or an indicator, and it seemed an international exhibition of automobiles and motorcycles, well organized, as a performance … or rather … A happenings?
Even a super tacky limousine with much gold occupying the first places, the first I saw in this city. And all at this level: a sports car, ripe lemon yellow convertible, late model Mercedes, metallic-tone latte, most sports cars, some also top down, big car big, high-end and all new designs, so I least had not seen before, although I do not usually noticing the models of cars, but also too many designer colors and at the same time, four motorcycles, large capacity, and even a pair of motorized traffic police the first row, as if they would open the way for next-generation locomotive troupe with modern motorcycles park traffic police … and sure as those used to escort the personalities of the city and leading visits.
When I thought I’d seen it all, concentrated to cause a sensation, aerodynamic design, ostentatious, engineering, technology, sporty lines and refined elegance, and occasional vulgarity on a slope in full color, and when I was already a few meters to cross the zebra crossing at this outstanding exhibition and walking through the zero point of the slope, appeared at the top of the ramp three Harley-Davidson print, with their riders dressed in black. …And this already, the ultimate… I thought. Some wanted to leave, fired, but another warned him about what they had before them. The bikers looked dazzled the two rows of this lying, low level of them, and they disserted if I cross in front of bleachers and a stage that seemed impossible, or not. I figured that they were talking among themselves. But suddenly, just behind the Harleys, appeared an elderly villager with a bike when he was young, at least. I held my laugh to see him at the top of the locomotive concentration: the pyramid crumbled before my eyes. Then the bikers looked after them quickly, and then looked at each other, and one could not help laughing. All my senses seemed to be working at one hundred percent in that time, or almost … The old cyclist also tried not to laugh seeing on top of that stop technology and luxury with its humble tricycle, in the most outstanding, the arch of the bridge.
I reached the sidewalk, the pedestrian light was green, and the pedestrians looked at the spectacular surroundings, not saying anything. I think … they were overwhelmed and no one seemed to dare to cross with so many looks wealthy, considering its apparatus for locomotion, but in the end overshadowed a utility was visible, well, maybe pedestrians only was blown away.
I was in a hurry, plus I was not going to stop all those looks of power; that was my usual route one day a week at the same time, at that time. And I would not stay to see the display of luxury. I ran my fingers through my bangs, and breathed to begin my parade through the pedestrian crossing spanning the four lanes, first, both upstream to the bridge, to continue with the two down, full of gadgets, like beads a multicolored collar, and multiform.
I sensed that more than a look x-rayed me badly while I walked with a firm step and sure of myself without hesitation to look forward, and … and some self-absorbed. Although I could see, some lawyers within a few cars in the front group. And with that, the evocation of a trial here in the open, and now with the clear feeling that a Higher Power watching.
Just when I got on the sidewalk, happy to have done my duty: to cross, to cross when I belonged, just opened the lights.
And the next episode, I would tell whether this would authorize the person who starred. So that the image is frozen: the citizen and his bike on top of the pyramid of locomotion and the woman walking down the zero level.
Imagine, unique, drivers and pedestrians. …Memorable.
And not to mention what happened after that was the best.
To be completed … The time will come….
July 5, 2010.
It’s been … days later days ago, two years since it was formed this scenario before my eyes and my mind has not stopped spinning around this set. It was really a concentration sensed as being composed of a Supreme Being, and now I know that many of the occupants of the vehicles, had heard the great roar that drove a wedge between the earth and sky, thirty years ago.
In recent months I have visualized this happening that only God could create, and have seen the end of a cycle. Michael Jackson had sealed on 6/27/2008, just days before the formation of this pyramid of locomotion, in the same street, that the gap was opened in the same place where I was when this was opened, with all those faces around me, good and bad, many of those faces were repeated at this stop … at a traffic light.
But one of the faces I saw was strange, a black man driving a big car, brown, or latte, or coffee … but with everything that happened in my life these days I can not say that this was the first time I saw this guy, I was not aware that he walked around me, but my memory recovered memory of a time I heard his thoughts, when I crashed, so much repetition of the face with the great big car, that he was thinking: “what’s yours … will be for me … … I’m going to enjoy everything, I … is a looootttt!!!!! a loooottttt!!!! muuuchoo … muuchooo … “
And now, I can remember what I thought when I looked into this huge brown car, and I seeing that he was a black man who bowed his head. … “See that big car leads, and he is black and humble, and he does not want to reveal his face” I thought at that time.. Hihihiii! How naive I am, I thought it was a gesture of humility; But Murray’s image stuck in my mind before he lowered his head so that I could not see his face. Although I still do not understand very well that at other times he looked at me with such fixation, openly. … Must be … that … The same pride shitting ends those who are haughty.
Michael told me, after he introduced me to Branca and Macclane, on 6/27/2008: “Missing one, that would not come, here called too much attention and does not want to be seen, I know. … If something happens, you will know who he is…”
A year later (two days before met) her face became famous in the world: by injecting propofol to Michael Jackson.
To me, I’d love to tell the end … when the light was opened for the movement of mechanical traction … … God knows when its time has arrived to be told.
But it is very important to remember and be aware that nothing exists by chance. My way has always been a hope: love, and Love, and is the purpose of my destiny, and once again I thank God for my life.



Semana Negra 2008. La frase escrita en el medio de la foto es inspiración del amigo fotógrafo.

Presentación del libro….



Miércoles 16 julio a la 6 de la tarde




The proof of everything I say is: Moonwalk: The slab Michael dragged on for thirty years.
The copyright was registered in my name, in London by Michael Jackson, because I taught him those steps in December 1980. AND SMOOTH CRIMINAL, makes this very clear, and you can see the suffering of Michael, he left his blood on the carpet, but when I saw him cutting his hand, after a cry that was inside his mouth open in pain, He pulled out a gleaming white handkerchief with which he bandaged his hand, and danced the moonwalk, leaving the more significant signal that binds to human. … And very importantly, listen to the voice torn background. And listen to everything Michael says, in Whatever Happens, and what she says, these words are my words. And now I say: Whatever Happens, I will not stop until that copyright displayed, because also the desire of Michael was that copyright was in my hand.
But it is very important to remember and be aware that nothing exists by chance. My way has always been a hope: love, Love, and is the purpose of my destiny, and once again I thank God my life.
I must also explain that my life has been very complicated, because they used with me, many methods to control people; and this summary of memories has been an exercise in hindsight for a long time, and with God’s help myself tell in a book of extended form, this story so complex, to clear all doubts.
Now unfreeze the image, and continues here was part of the story without telling: these days will be three years this event:


Just when I stepped on the sidewalk was opened for light vehicles at the time, I heard a voice: “Look at the jacket he wears.” (I knew he was referring to my jacket with Australian prehistoric drawings of animals, boomerangs, and cave paintings) and immediately I felt pass very close to the curb one of the bikes, it was like touching me, and something ran through me body and my head right off, I looked quickly, but the strength seemed to have abandoned me, I saw a very special bike, nothing ordinary, and I could only get to say: “A very pretty bike!!” The boy let out a howl and began to zigzag with the bike, the first was almost flat from my position to the edge of the roundabout and then he followed with small zigzag while yelling. I found it funny that I I laughed as I watched him hallucinated, and I took a few steps, but could not resist the temptation to look back. Motorists of traffic going by me at that time looking at nothing, and I saw that the rider was turning at the roundabout at full speed and I also saw someone in a car exclaimed between his teeth with one hand on forehead: “The whole world is watching! He goes like crazy, and he can not do that! And he’s going to take another turn! You Follow Him! You follow to him. ..! “And immediately, went behind another car, from which I heard saying: “We are also going to go around, follow them.” The motorcyclist, he returned to as close as possible to the curb where I was, and I looked in front of the address to which I walked, I did not understand what was happening, I was very nervous, but I wanted to say again something I could not utter a word. But I went back to look back, and he made ​​another incredible twist on the bike again to enter the roundabout and then, without stopping to scream let the feet and hands of the bike and stayed there … I do not know how … but I began to clap, and voices that he heard me I shouted: Very good! Very good! Bravo! and he looked when he was on the other side of the roundabout with the intention to take another turn, and I made ​​gestures with my thumb up and I kept clapping as I could with the folder I was carrying in one hand, and I could not hardly move anymore, but I was really scared when I saw that he was going to give another turn, I tried to go my way but my feet felt like blocks of cement that I could hardly move. Then I saw another Harley parked, and next to the bike there next to the sidewalk without a helmet, a young man, bald, he looked at me and whilst I thought, “Wow… why he looks at me so much, I like the other, he did all those juggling it was he who dared, I looked back again, and I saw that the other partner also appeared to be another strategic point, standing on the other side of the roundabout at the corner by continuing the avenue; and I trembled thinking that he (the rider balancing) could go in the direction from which I walked… … or so I tried, but he continued to advance along the roundabout, then the other two got on the bikes and went behind him. As the white car with the man with white hair, completed another round and curly red hair with red utility, followed them. I breathed in the meantime I saw him go in the opposite direction to mine, while I was sorry, I thought that maybe I would never see him again, and I was impressed, and I had no idea what could be its image but something attracted me, and I felt great anguish. For an instant I thought, in the interest shown by the occupants of the cars, a few of them had to look at the spectacle of euphoria that this biker and I expressed without suppress us, and then I thought, I would like that man read my book, and I had it in my bag, and also that I should just follow my path.
The next week he followed me for a while next to the sidewalk, slowly, I did not understand how he could keep the speed of my way with that bike, it was the first time I looked, and I saw his face, I almost I do not dare to look, and I thought if he would be another or the same as the previous week, and I do not want him to notice what was happening, because I could barely walk, and I heard him say … It’s me. .. I am … I do not know if they were thinking of him or his voice.
Months later, December 2008, Michael Jackson, would be at the bottom of the small concert hall, and this man, with his inseparable … next to the bar in front of the small dance floor where I danced, and months later, when Michael had been killed, I remember, two guys on the street that they broke the bike, when I returned to my house one night weekend, I can not remember the dates, perhaps, before I became ill. The two men chatted while one of them trying to fix the bike and then said “…it never had happened…” and the other said he does not spend those jokes … While I stared, standing on the sidewalk opposite, because everything is making me very funny. One said: “¡ Come on what they will recognize me, I’m wearing the jacket of Speed ​​Demon. ..!” … “…speak Spanish! You speak Spanish very well! -And- … “You’re not Speed ​​Demon …” ” … I an artist and I live my art…!” I thought, among many other things. <> And the other said “Michael, this is real life!” … … “Do you have something to say…?”… After a pause answered “NO”
“None of them wanted to be left to recognize, at the time, the two of them saw me, and I knew the two, without my knowing who they were at that time for motorcycle helmets that none of them was removed. Now I know that the two were Speed ​​Demon, as I know, I’m the scene of Michael Jackson, and to remember Michael wrote: She drives me wild, because I gave everything to him, so that the world understand that there is truth and love.
Declaration: Annie of Smooth Criminal Dangerous Invincible y Moonwalker
Con nombre real: Mª del Rosario Cordero Tesón
©® Mª del Rosario Cordero Tesón – Copyright ©® todos los derechos reservados

Declaración de: Annie de Smooth Criminal Dangerous Invincible y Moonwalker

Con nombre real: Mª del Rosario Cordero Tesón

Mª del Rosario Cordero Tesón ©® copyright ©® todos los derechos reservados


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  1. I saw another translation error. I hope to correct this and that there are not many more.

    Me gusta

  2. The error is still there, I do not know why I can not change it. It is quite possible that there are many errors in translation, but the mistakes I was able to catch, I will try to correct. This is one: -He called me and when I presented myself was frightened.- And I think that might be more appropriate to say so: -He called me and when I presented myself there, he got scared.-

    Me gusta

  3. importante e ben fatto … DIFFONDO , tutti lo devono vedere … grazie !

    Me gusta

  4. La ringrazio molto, Elyana. La verità è che in questo blog, basta lavoro, basta avere qualcosa di tanto in tanto e non mi è stato promosso per questo motivo, ma è una piacevole sorpresa di vedere il tuo commento. Benvenuti.
    e spero che questa traduzione è corretta e che queste parole esprimono quello che voglio dire. !
    Lentamente continuano a fare le cose qui. Hai visto il mio blog su myspace?

    Me gusta


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