Blue Moon and Moonwalk

Blue Moon and Moonwalk

Blue moon of the New Year brings answers, and completes almost Moonwalk thirty-year history.
It is time for the best I can do and say … I will not say all, I have not material now time to go into details here, I will show what is most needed, but you know who was Michael Jackson, this part from him unknown, human, and I have had to string together from his death, day to day, all experienced in connection with him, between tears unstoppable.
Now, I have to say that this started long ago, and the last instalment of tears and pain began in February 2009 and even without stopping. This was my last year, but with the new time makes no difference.
I try to explain to all those who care about life and here specifically for the life of Michael Jackson, this life that no one understood, and their connection with me, I’m still here. For him and for me this way was very difficult, material wealth is worthless if love is not about you.
This is real, the life of Michael and myself walked in parallel, in the distance, the economic difference and work, but our lives were so united that Michael changed his course: while my world was very gray and filled his lights, he approached mine where my life went barely provided hopefully but what harshest this reality I insisted see.

And Michael Jackson dedicated his work to create my reality in their songs, my world from his vision, and I must tell, mine, as I said in one of my previous writings, and of course, could not be otherwise, the point of view of each person is not the same, but despite this in this case does not differ too much, we hold dialogues in some of his songs, in other talks about me and he tells my world view, which was his own, shared my life and his own, for love.
I start by saying, without elaborating, how Michael decided to change his image: it was twenty two years ago, then was hi conceived Man in the mirror, I think that the time was the highest concentration of inspiration for his life, could not stop writing, I found out because someone told me … he could not keep as much as I inspired … and gave, he said to me, and Michael introduced me to Ballard: “Michael wrote” one of my most constant thought, looking inward; years ago I changed the expression: To change the world, the revolution has to be in the personal interior.

He told me I was beautiful. I do not mind my face, I was tired of being beautiful, and since I tiny, Michael could not believe it. I was looking at me. Since a child I wanted to know myself and then used the mirror to see that my face was alien to me. I barely speak English; I had forgotten what I learned in London when I met him, in December 1980. And he knew very little Spanish at that time. I love your face, looking stunned Michael repeated, until I told him he could stay with her, I came to laugh, I thought about surgery, but for a change, it seemed impossible, I remember that I said to him: Be careful what you do, and my feelings are mixed grief, sorrow and joy, because someone wanted to have my face to do important work while I was lost in a strange world.

In the end, the last day of that time, a dark Sunday, and he had only dance exclusively for me, the Moonwalk, on the threshold step of a dark door in the oldest district of the city.
Michael was very attractive when I met him, but with every change in his face, he liked me, and I saw the resemblance to me, I did not say anything to anyone, not even remembered that we had that deal, of which I am not has nothing, I did not want anything. Now I get the satisfaction that a genius, with a divine gift, suffered to reach everyone with my image, but her white skin, many more than mine, came from his illness.

All this has many ramifications. Michael wanted to show me something, continually trying to show our connection, I knew that this existed, I always looked in his songs, and although some things appeared to agree with me, others I found it impossible to identify, I did not know enough English, and yet I was not allowed access to all his work, and I remember now why, but was that so many people throughout life, tried to make me forget my experiences, it is possible that this also influenced, at other times I did myself, my life was so complicated that few seasons, every day, just, I proposed forget the above, nothing interesting seemed to be within my reach, though I knew it was all round, but was all too dark, and cruel, and cruelty that is hurting, is generated by people. In those meetings twenty two years ago also he felt trampled.

With Remember the time, was the most successful similar: I really freaked out, I saw him in Morocco, Michael, dressed in shirt and trousers very broad colorful. Michael, had left to photograph, with the same clothing in Paris, shortly before I saw the pictures in a magazine in the trip to Morocco, I thought that this guy I was seeing would be an imitator (as sometimes it I saw him near me, I weighed myself) was very white and thin and his face like mine, with his dark glasses, the same as those presented by This is it, I saw him leaving a shop with another boy, laughing, while the four x four, with a crown on tuition and Arabic script waiting below in the square, there had been I meet someone, there I saw his face closely, and do not know which of the two was more impressed, he turned quickly to save his face …

Then my children and I were walking along the beach to the dune that all swimmers in the area knew it was the space that I held daily, and there he was, waiting in my dune, lying like a sheik exquisite. …
(La Toya must also have this film. In the press, although I do not know what I can trust,

I read that she kept all the documents recorded.)
And now, the most important thing I have to say, and this really is urgent.

This is it:
Neither will I go into details, which are no less important, but it is crucial to get this out already, may help the clarification of the death of Michael, for my ears, including the soul, caught some phrases … The leaning against Michael, they also knew that not only verbal communication, and paid little attention to the looks between Michael and me, but I also noticed also their thoughts and movements of lips, my stress was the limit.
June 27, 2008: Michael came to me, nothing more than him enters the pub, he asked me if I was alone, he told me he was alone. He was accompanied by two men of age hem more or less. This is not what Michael says in the song, and no he says, he introduced me to them: John and John. I did not understand, and Michael said quickly: Juan and Juan.

Neither Michael says in the song, that they are not separated from it, and he had to send them sit over there, and then he would go to there too, nor that they were not friends, they worked for him, and I was the only I knew that they had arrived here without warning to Michael, they are presented here in a city of Asturias
Michael does not count in the song he was feeling afraid or that nor that he’d sent to me while he told me it,  he does not say …. Because I do not know if he heard, what a John said to the other John: …he will not tell us what to do… This is what I heard the brown told the blonde. I did not understand that Michael was with the enemy. He had told his friend that he was leaving this city, that he needed to do it alone…
… And you said will not you go with me, on a while…
I told him that this little town was my site. (Besides being the time when the love come into my life) And if I had not previously uploaded to the stage, I would not do at fifty. He was looking for artists for his latest show and his friend had no relationship to the world of music, also told me that his friend spoke like me…

Then Michael looked at me from afar, and heard me, and I him, and that it is written (Michael was a poet, in case anyone has not heard):

… I Never Thought That I Would Be Your Lover…

They are communicating, look at what they do …told the brown to blond. And the blonde said … “If she does not know anything, we are left with everything. In a year has to be all done .-said, without looking, while the swarthy looking at me with his head down and say, Yeesss. Between teeth, and fearful that I could hear what he was telling the blonde, and so said: She looks and can understand us.

They were filming with a mini camera, I know that Michael had asked him, I realized. I got a little serious, and with a gesture of Michael, McClane stopped recording. Then they continued with latest generation phones.
I went to talk to the owner of the premises, I told him what had happened there, which is recorded too, told me that he could not do anything, there was a party (1 º Blog And Night Asturias), and was there a journalists in Madrid, black, with whom I spoke, upon arrival, and a popular presenter among others took the cup after dinner for VIPs, on account of the event.
And this I have to say. Michael, before you go to where they sat the two greedy, he danced with the style he had in the beginning, as I saw him dance, Michael, when he went into the reception hall in we met; and I told him I did not like the imitators of Michael J. He, almost angry, said me: For you followers of Michael J. are very important, do not forget! And looked out the corner of his eye fearing that he might hear them … I must say that this letter now to be understood, that I had said to Michael, he looked a lot like Michael Jackson when he was 21 years …
He was also a great actor, Michael was many things, and spoke very good Spanish)

I had forgotten the Moonwalk, even wanted to go back to dance those steps since I saw him on TV dancing this dance at full speed for the first time, well. … in December 2008, someone in a club encouraged me and I tried. But nothing happened and this too will be known, not mine alone in this fate;
And as I said to Michael, visible … or listen in, This is it, about seventeen thousand years history written in my one book published: The history of the world, not creating I am and I’m not alone in it, the story of my book, many people made up and those who are identified, they are there. I do not live alone in the world. He was shocked when I told him I was writing … but I am just a storytelling.
And this is the top end of the story, not written in, This is it. Michael was already in a black of four x four car, on the sidewalk, in the same space that my destiny changed the way thirty years ago, I saw him a few seconds, when I left the pub.

I tried to call the attention of the owner of the pub near the bar, to say goodbye. Someone suddenly let go this phrase behind my ear, I’m here to tell you to forget everything you’ve seen here. I replied: “Who are you to tell me what I have to remember or forget?! He realized that underestimated me.
Not if Michael noticed that I also protect myself from my own enemies, who also want to kill me, and all for money, young ladies and gentlemen.
I said to Michael: Michael Jackson is a light to the world of our time and we need him …
Michael wrote:
…I Never Heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I Never Thought That I Would Be Your Lover
C’mon baby, just UNDERSTAND
This is it, I can feel
I’m the light of the world, this is real
Feel my song, we can say
And I tell you I feel That Way …

Of course … that’s not all, this is only an advance, necessary, and I intend that my words reach competent people who in other ways I’ve tried I could not get anything. And another thing: I remember that I taught him to Michael the steps he then he called Moonwalk, and that registered in London in 1980 to my name: Michael tells me Whatever Happens: Don let it go baby. While begging him I say: Whatever Happens, do not let go of my hand. That was not the time; I could not have it in my hand.
Now I know that I have received one response to the incomprehensible experience of my life.
And though I know I repeat myself, I would say that at eleven years old when I first heard Michael Jackson, a voice in my mind, announced this suffering, but also hope, love would change the senseless and without reason.

Elizabeth Taylor, talked about me in one of his statements, I saw a video on the Internet, in September 2009. He said something like: Michael Jackson is still an unknown. A woman must appear. The two met very young. She is the woman who inspired him and he loved very much … and … do not look for work … looking for yours … Elizabeth, you can not imagine the encouragement they gave me your word, I would give you a big hug and kisses.
And here I am, hoping someone hears me. and Michael knew that I loved him very much, Michael listened to my thoughts:

This is it, here I stand

I’m the light of the world, I feel grand

Got this love, I can feel

And yes I know for sure, it is real

And another thing: Michael wanted to cure his addiction; I heard it in my soul, from his soul, and also that I was the first person who believed he really wanted to do, and nobody believed him or helped him. And he did not understand. We both heard within, invaded by fear.

This letter is for all people who love Michael disclosed that wherever possible, it is very important to him … will be tangible evidence of his honesty and accomplish what he wanted, and for many of us … to improve the world we inhabit. For our evolution into of infinity. To make visible the meaning of love.



Rosario Cordero Tesón © ® All rights reserved

The full moon opened the New Year and his leadership was undisputed, indeed bright announced, will be year of clarity and answers to treat it gently, and love, like yourself, to see if they fit well.

Share the wealth with all people of God means to evolve on Earth and in space.
Happy New Year bring us all food for the body soul and mind

Blue Moon Announces New Year Moonwalk answers and completes the story of thirty years.
It is time for the best I can do and say … I will not say all, I have no material time now, to go into details, here come the most necessary so that people know who was Michael Jackson, meanwhile known: human, all this story  has a start in:

Michael Jackson and his dance somewhere in the world (Prologue) lunes, agosto 24, 2009 Michael Jackson y su danza en un lugar del mundo – Prólogo

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