This testimony was included for the first time in the title, the blue moon and Moonwalk written in Spanish and hung on my blog of myspace on January 4, 2010. Then I translated this part and hung it again and here it is checked, for me; I am improving in English little by little, and my mind, thanks to God, it has recovered some details that were blurry.


This is it: Michael Jackson said, and… I Never Heard a single word about you …

And I have no evidence in my hands, all the evidence is in foreign hands to me. But my words are in the truth, and I will not be silent….
.. ..
Michael did a lot of footage of me for nearly thirty years, including one for This is it, the same John McClain, recorded in the pub Maluka, which hosted the talks, the 27th-June-2008 (at a party, call , 1 Blog And Night Asturias), and will relate below. Headlines this speech, THIS IS (not) IT and Michael, as the song says: We can tell.

Feel my song, we can say…

In the song tells part of what we said, and I, I have to also very short. And I repeat for the third time, with my own voice: Michael Jackson is a light to the world of our time … Although the first time, I just said to Michael: You are a light to the world …..
.. ..
Here, I will not explain how we present that day, or as he called me, my baby, or not to let the cup of my hand ever, and neither did he, or how he told me that he was the man I expected in my life, and then he also wanted to introduce his friend, by saying that I talk like him, and that man and I would make a good couple, and I did not accept because that was my stuff , but later I ask him, in order to help him, but he already seemed late. Nor shall I count, they wanted to put a Lady gaga as the opener on his upcoming concerts, and he would not because it is the reverse of what he was doing, lady gaga is on the dark side. Neither am I going to tell, what happened at the time around us, so Michael decided that it was better that we turn away, because he wanted to talk to me … or many other things. I’ll start with the most urgent:

Those who came with Michael, they are not moving away from us. To me it seemed that they were very aware of what we talked. I told Michael that his friends were there alone and apart, he repeated to me: They are not my friends, but insist on believing that I work for them. They are presented here, without warning, and I do not know how they found out that I came to this city, I did not tell anyone. And I know they bring bad intentions. I’m in danger, but in fact they are my enemies, and they have my work on their hands … one of them is the producer and the other attorney. Also this is happening here, only you know.

And I felt, the fear he was feeling. I did not know what was happening; I tried to be strong, struggling with my illness. He said: “It was going to do this, but I’m going to submit to them, at best, serves … to help us. At that time I can not speak … my mind was empty of words. We approached them. I will introduce Michael said, and quickly named, John and John, I did not catch anything, and repeated Michael, Juan and Juan, they also speak Spanish, said Michael. We shook hands; grinning … I heard the thoughts of Michael, “this woman is accustomed to formal presentations.” They did not understand my name and Michael repeated quickly, Rosario. Immediately Michael said – I have to keep talking to her, you sit there, and then I’ll go. They stayed there a little more, and I heard, John, the dark, so low, the blond … This will not tell us what to do … while the blonde looked at us slyly.
I still felt the fear that Michael was, and had long since I felt no fear, knowing that I was also threatened with death …..

.. ..

Why did you come to the enemy? … You told me you have a good friend here! … I told him I was leaving here. “Michael replied. – What! You are in danger, these people are not good. “I could feel it … He said: “I can not, I’m embarrassed, besides, I had things to do here and I have to do it myself. – Who cares! Call him! I can not. I will not do. – said. “I’m an artist and he has no relationship to this world.

-… But here … Missing one … another. That would not come here, here called too much attention and does not want to be seen, I know. And I can not stand him next to me … I can not stand him next to me, I can not stand him! … If something happens, you will know who is. “How will I know who he is? I asked. – You’re going to know, but then I can not say anything because I’ll be dead! … Why are you telling me this! He replied: “Someone has to know and I know you’re the right person. – I do not know where I was, not knowing if it was real I was living, I did not know the place, and at that time I had not known or where to have to go out. A year later, met two days before, which face was made famous in the world: by injecting propofol to Michael Jackson. Dr Murray. And when I saw his face in the press, I remembered the times I had seen him around me, those summer days, watching me from a huge car with a special color, coffee … and I heard his thoughts. “… I enjoy everything about you … it is much !!!…” I did not understand what that phrase meant

We in the pub:

Then Michael asked me what I was doing, what I do, I told him I was telling stories lately, and he was shocked, and I was trying to present a book that I just self-release … and without dwelling, I will say that he asked me if I talked about Michael Jackson, I was amused, I said no, that my story has 17000 years, but Michael Jackson could be … and anyone who will identify with this story. You can read about this in my blog, and other important parts of the extensive and far-reaching conversation that day, and other situations, I repeat, I have no time material to write a history of thirty years … Or, more …

He also said: “I’m looking for musicians and entertainers … you could come with me. -¡… I do not ! And he asked – Why? “I never got one on stage to act and I will not do at age 49. “There are women in your age and older who do. “Yes,” I said, but spent their entire life on stage. – You could do what you want … And I did not understand why someone would tell me that I did not know, but I kept the conversation. – What I would do? … “I would look for something, if you come all will be well … and testing would be in Spanish … Come with me! “I’m not going anywhere, I have to stay here. – Why, what’s here …?!, I said, “This is my site, … and besides, I’m sick. – What’s wrong with you? he asked me … “I do not .. I’m sick of everything … hummn … my head! Well … I’m better now … but my mind still is not right, I’ll be 60 or 70% of my ability … (… I take a long time to realize, that I had been poisoned). the truth is that I was ashamed to tell him it might be only 50%, my mind was empty of memories.

And I thought … “” So I’ll have room to store everything that is happening here … I have to handle this … And suddenly, my head went blank again. And I said to myself: “I’m here! I’m here! This is very serious … this is very difficult … but I’m strong. My God, my God! Give me strength to resist. I do not know who he is, this man, and needs help. And I can not help myself … Why come to me for help someone I do not know, and now that I’m sick … and I’ve spent my whole life alone … Without help from anyone! My God what will I do not know what I can do … “” If you come with me you’d have everything you need to heal. He told me. Come with me, just for a while, a year. I said, I’m to stay here … I was convinced that was the time would come the man of my life, I could not go anywhere, and he was saying. -… well … A year and a half, and then you can return if you want … I did a lot of famous people. I asked him if he was famous, he said – not here, but in some places yes, in some places of my country – I asked – Where do you come from?

“I’m American. “You’re not American, you’re fooling me, and you’re in South America. “I’m American. “You have no accent, I said. “Because I work with many South American and Spanish, he said – What do you do? I asked “I do it all … I climb on scaffolding … and what it takes …. I thought of Michael Jackson. But without associating with this man. Sometimes I thought it was him, and one not, but I decided from the beginning, he told me about M. J. Not to say that I had met Michael J. Also, Michael told me: “I was looking for all these people, whom I helped, and all rejected me, everyone! And some of them with very bad manners. Nobody wants to work with me because I charged … of something very serious. – What are you accused? I do not want to talk about it … “He said … But I did nothing, charged me just to hurt me to sink my career. I did nothing wrong! – (I can not explain every detail, but very important … I have no space. But I felt he was sincere, well, I was hearing the thoughts of him. I got to thinking that this man had been a good father to my children, but I
had complied with that race, and when that time came, I realized that he too could hear my thoughts.

We also talked about our marriages, our children … The two were all alone … although he had a friend, but older and sick, and all that I had made me think that this man was the repetition of the life of Michael Jackson.

I will leave a long conversation, and have continued with the following.
.. ..

Michael before going to where they sat the two greedy, he danced in front of me with the style of the early Michael Jackson, as I saw dancing when I was on the reception hall where we met in 1980: and I told him I did not like the imitators of Michael J. He, almost angry, he said: – For you, the imitators of Michael Jackson, are very important! And do not forget! And looked out the corner of his eye, to the other two, fearing that they would hear him … I have to say now, that the speech is understood, that I had told Michael that he looked a lot like Michael Jackson when he was 20 and a few years.

(And that was the face for thirty years I saw around me. This is also written by Michael: Threatened)
Then he stood a little apart from them, thinking … And when we were both aware that we were listening to the thoughts. In the song THIS IS IT, he replies to something I did not understand … among many other things … “And I, among many of the thoughts I heard from him this: something happens to her … she’s not right … something happens to her …”

.. ..

And while I listened also to the two Johns, said: These are communicating, look at what they do … “Said the brunette to blond and the blond said … “If she does not know anything, we are left with everything. In a year has to be all done … said without looking at me while I watched the dark head down replied: .. Yesss… breath, and afraid that I could hear what he was saying, the blond, and likewise, he replied: … she looks and can understand…


Then they were filming me, I know that Michael had asked him, I realized. After a while I got a little serious, and with a gesture of Michael, they stopped recording with the mini camera, later followed by two mobile features. I wished to talk to Michael, to wish him luck in his latest show, I had seen him looking at me, broke my heart to see him face …. but when I almost moved to talk with him, had disappeared. Disappear in the blink of an eye, in front of me, what Michael did for many years, since the first day I met him in front of their brothers and sisters … I’m not a ghost from Hell, But I’ve got a spell on you In one blink I’ll disappear, And Then I’ll come back to haunt you …

In the end I tried to call the attention of the owner of the premises, near the bar, to say goodbye, he told me he would add me as a friend on myspace, and in fact did. At that time, someone suddenly let go this phrase behind my ear: “I’m here to tell you to forget everything you’ve seen here.” As soon yeah I looked, and replied: “What Who are you to tell me what I have to remember or forget?! “I saw a look of surprise, rounded, dark hair.

When I was leaving the pub saw McClain sitting in the exit stairs recording with a mobile phone or small camera, and very quickly got up and ran upstairs, when I realized, I speed up my pace and I ran up the stairs to reach out, I could see on the street the same 4×4 that I had seen out of my house, and saw MacLean entered through the passenger door very quickly, and saw Michael on the back And he stared at me. .. and so I had seen him in a car in Kensington Gardens, London, in December 1980, peeping and hiding, but this time he just stared at me and then went into hiding, before the 4×4 in which he was , thrown out and disappeared around the corner near the door of the pub. I could only think: these people were following me … I felt very tired … Security was not able to reach my house walked a stretch.

I do not know if Michael noticed that I also protect myself, I knew I was threatened with death.

Michael was also a great actor, Michael was a genius, and spoke very good Spanish, with accent … Now I know I was in Central America.

Branca, McClane, and Dileo, wanted to enter my house, saying they were doing an international study, with an American accent. Imagine …
And Branca, MacClean and I had already seen a few days before wanting to move into my house, in the bar that I frequented, I saw there also Mottola and Dileo, in the bar where I always suspected that the disease had taken which took me to recover more than a year and a half … more, but Dileo, I had seen for years, about seven or eight years before, alongside, the sea, in a place called the Escalerona .. .. and in the same place I saw others like him, and another, which I found a marble slab … There were all to watch me pass, and people here in this city …. with envy and greed stuck in their minds.

.. ..

And you knew I loved you so much Michael …. you knew. And you knew that I wanted to find for myself, this love, that other half that we each have … In This is it, tell many of what we said, and some that were in our thoughts. There were many, many times I saw you in the face of Michael Jackson when you were twenties …
.. ..

And Love, with a capital letter, I waited since I was a kid, I always know he has had in his heart. And he has been by my side. I know. And after so much suffering, love will triumph in the world. ….

In the story under the title: Pyramid of locomotion, visible in the previous post, is that Murray also … Stop, in the top of the two rows, and will detail, in the inner row of the road, the more visible for me to cross. When I saw him lower his head to go unnoticed, with that great big car brown, I thought it was humility. … I hope to translate this “happening” soon.

.. ..

This I do for the freedom of the soul of Michael, for my love, for me, and love in the world. And God is with us …..

The message is for everyone who loves Michael, as disclosed wherever possible, it is very important to him … and to improve the world we inhabit. For our evolution in the infinite and to take a visible love the concept.

Day 29-9-2010: This story is my gift to Michael Jackson, and today I leave this note:

MICHAEL*you’re a light to the world of our time, you are*you accepted your mission and fulfilled it*You are not alone♥ You reopen a path forgotten, hidden by envy, greed and pride! THE WAY OF LOVE God is with us♥it will see why you felt great:

…This is it, I can feel

I’m the light of the world, this is real

Feel my song, we can say…

You’ve always had my love, thanks for singing the truth and love throughout the world. THIS IS (NOT) IT♥Prophecy will be fulfilled♥Will Take visible form ♥HUMILITY ♥ TRUTH♥LOVE….

Rosario Cordero Tesón copyright  ©®


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