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¡Acabamos de llegar!
El amor siempre trae la verdad, sin importar la época del año.
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Ancient Knowledge..Parts 1-6 *Full Movie*

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To understand our present, we have to know our past, both near and far.
AND ATTENTION: the opponents of love insist that we live in inopia and disorientation, to keep us slaves, until the head of the criminal gang can appropriate what is really valuable that the human being contains.
AND DO NOT FORGET: they use fear to keep you blind, deaf, mute … as they also use drugs of specific design.
Only love brings us to the truth.

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Sacred Geometry, Ancient Technology, Spirituality, Consciousness, Hidden History, Lost Civilizations, Energy, Coral Castle, Magnetism, Illuminati, Suppression, Religion, Astrology, Numerology, Philosophy, Esoteric and Occult Knowledge, and more…


thanks to rev17 for the link..this is very very good..i have watched about 2 hours so far..






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Cuando Te Des Cuenta

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Si queréis ver por dónde va la iglesia católica, y otras iglesias, y por dónde va la historia que estamos viviendo, este libro os orientará, sin hipótesis, ni teorías, todo es mi experiencia propia, y gracias a Dios que estoy viva para contarlo, muchos otros no pudieron:
Es el último libro de la trilogía: Mujer en el Cielo Moonwalker en la Tierra
Cuando Te Des Cuenta


La verdad nos libera de la esclavitud

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El último libro de la trilogía ahora tiene índice interactivo. Echad un vistazo gratis por diferentes capítulos. No os aburriréis y os ayudará a ver la realidad que nos intentan ocultar, aunque esté a nuestro alrededor. Así es: CUANDO TE DES CUENTA.
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CRUZA LA RAYA cumple 10 años este Junio

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portada cruza la raya

<< What can I tell them? I do not know any construction of more than seven thousand years. The wise man says fifteen … no, seventeen thousand, years! >>. Without any answer and impotent, I am left with the only thing that ignorance grants: emptiness. In the silence, discouragement and sadness begin to fall on us like an unsustainable burden, visible in their dismayed and unbelieving faces, and felt in my soul.

The wise man breaks mutism somewhat regretfully:

–It cannot be, so much work for nothing, disappeared! Our goal is to leave traces of our passage through the Earth, any detail can be decisive … –touch his earrings, and at the same time he looks at me, I think to point out that even that of which I had laughed, is important- … The purpose of our works is to leave information for the future! It may be… that part of us perishes and those that remain are persecuted. They want to make disappear most of science, the knowledge that can guide the future race, so that forgetting the origin of science forget their own origin. It cannot be, there must have been some work left! Everything will become very difficult. They will use our knowledge and our works in their own favor and for their exaltation, but everything, not… cannot disappear…

Their glances, mired in sorrow, still betraying pain, await a response that leaves in the air a hope for the future of their work. While I watch their eyes with expectant glances, fixed on mine, one of them leaves the meeting slowly and silently, leaving with his head sunk between his shoulders, with heavy movements; reveals leaving behind part of his hopes.



Shirley will be the name with which I will call the first person who communicated with me and on more occasions, patient and kind, she tried to give me valuable information; her courage and trust deserve a special thanks from me. She really reminds me of a woman of this time, that’s why I give her a feminine name.



–They have made many constructions around the earth; of great importance and difficulty –Shirley’s optimism springs up vividly; try to awaken my memories.

I glean in my memory, I try to find some referent or similarity in my scarce knowledge of ancient history, there must be something to alleviate the pain that is causing the vacuum, some detail; a spark of light that makes me remember or relate this place with familiar stories.



At that time it occurred to me to ask her what her name was since we spoke as friends but without previous presentation: although memorizing names and less in the first encounter, it is not something that happens to me as a general rule, hence the need to use the nickname: Shirley, as it is impossible for me to remember the name of the companion. In that position she diligently gave the protagonism and emphasized the name of the wise, of which I had only a vague memory: it could be something similar to Pahtahahtahath. I was not even able to pronounce it correctly in several attempts, nor with the patient help of Shirley; between the laughter of his companion, and of the same wise man, who also tried to make me reproduce those strange names, until I decided to cease the effort, and so the four of us ended up in laughter, of strange resonances; but it helped us to release the tension that the encounter and the contribution of information on their part, and the lack of data for mine, accumulated in that circle that formed such a peculiar congress.



Unusual oddities and unusual circumstances crowd together. Sounds strange to my “ear” in an unrecognizable place, with faces, clothes, aptitudes, a whole unknown world. I want to offer them a halo of hope and only find a void in the memory. The frustration that ignorance imposes faces the uneasy desire to discover the enigmatic world that I have before me, in a blind struggle, without a glimpse of the destiny to which it will lead me… << But I will not stop trying to discover what is offered to me even if I do not know why, the other reality is also like that, as here; the answers arrive after a process of assimilation and maturity >>.



Little or nothing I knew about ancient history or archeology, and as an eyewitness, I was stuck in a living document, in a magnificent construction where transcendental events took place, and all this originated me strong emotions in escalations and almost uncontrollable descents, endured, with high cost of my energy.



<< I will not continue with the names, I cannot even reproduce them, and I do not know if my memory will be able to register them. It is not a dream – I repeat to myself – this is another reality! I have to capture as many details as possible, memorize; I do not know what this means but there may be a lot at stake. If I go back to the future I will have to decipher it “I alone”. Once again I see myself on the “lonely” path of the search for myself; in one of those dreams that guide us the direction to follow, in another of the subtle crosses that make up life. And now a succession of examples that link past and future are configured in a dream, becoming the endless present >>.

Facing my thoughts flying in all directions, I observe something in the sage who draws my attention in an imperious way.

<< What object do he has between his hands? >>. When I notice my interest focused on what he holds with reverence, like a kind of small and thick book, he squeezes the object against himself, as if he showed, with a certain reserve, to be protecting something very valuable. I let the detail go by without making any comment, for fear of provoking mistrust, or coming to seem insidious for lack of diplomacy.

–Viracochas. That’s what they’re called in this area –Shirley, tenacious, tries to help me remember with names.


–So they call to the wises. And Viracocha to the instructor god.

I continue in the attempt to identify the names, or at least collect them in the memory to be able to identify them someday, assuming my return to the starting point, to that time that corresponds to me to live. In this moment, take shape in my mind the figure of Jesus, another man god. << Why does Viracocha remind me, an instructor god, to another teacher of the world, with the powerful repercussion that the figure of Jesus came projected into history during … almost two thousand years ago? An almost perfect place… With a god included here nearby: you cannot ask for more >>. I think it a bit incredulous as well as intrigued.



What I saw, my impressions and information, I was leaving stored by a conscious procedure, and considering that I would not have “time”, and without threshing, I just kept everything in memory. A name was authentically alive and clear in my retentive: “Viracocha”. The first time I heard him pronounce it seemed insulting to me, contemptuous of the sound similarity of the ending, “cocha” (female name in Spanish, female pig). These details helped mechanically, and relative, to set names in the memory of someone like me with great ease to forget them, in addition, his rank was that of “a god” nothing more and nothing less, how to forget it!

Another name that I did not like because of the memory he brought me was “Pacal”; it was not so long ago that I had seen a movie (American of the eighties, bad, maybe premiere on television, but I saw it until the end because we had only two channels at the time) in which the bad guy was called that. They did not seem like names to a god; but in me grew a great curiosity for him and for knowing the role and position that he occupied in that fascinating place. Another name sounded to me like kukuxklan and that’s why today I can remember “kukulcam”, which I did not like because of its sound similarity with a fanatical segregationist group.



While the Sage and Shirley repeat different names, the companion observes me attentively with candid expressivity, without blinking.

–Very far from here they know him as” Quetztzantlcoatl –or something like Shirley said. (I insist on my difficulty to assimilate these names with unknown “sounds”).

They do not remind me of any historical personality. Although the latter seems similar to a well-known Central American character, but I do not think he can be the same and I do not know enough about him, barely anything, to waste time on conjecture. At times my mind becomes entangled with time and history without letting me out, my mind is blocked and an inner storm overwhelms my emotional part and disturbs my state of mind; I sink in sadness because I cannot give a hopeful answer.

I try not to show the pain and the impotence that invades me, that mercilessly wastes my energy, and above all, I try to hide the intrigue generated by the divine character and the position that he exercises in this enigmatic place; and I question who these wise men are. << Is there always someone who directs others, supposedly inferior? I think it would be better to go tactfully to get to know something true, and especially, about someone of such high status, as Viracocha >>.

Submerged in elucidating the unknowns suspended over the group, suddenly, there is a transformation; quick crossings of looks begin; and in this, the sudden and resolute decision of the wise man.

–This will have to find out the “boss”!

Without understanding his expressive tone very well, it makes me feel like I’m a naughty girl.

<< Well, I’m not here to look for a whim; also, if this wise person is not the boss, it’s time for him to know what is happening here >>.

With ease and decision he turns on himself. Surprise me again, greatly. The wise move, without touching the ground! As at a height of four palms, literally, he leaves, flying. His black cloak snagged on the front of his neck, falling on his shoulders, waves as he moves behind him, and its reverse appears as immaculate snow; the harmonious movement of the cape reminds me of a manta ray plowing the depths of the sea. It accelerates the flight, in progression, until it reaches a lot of speed, and it disappears in the same direction that I came from.

What I just witnessed is an undeniable exhibition, made on purpose for me to contemplate. The reverse side of the cloak, like its inner tunic, is identical to the “material” of the unique model worn by the countless “spiritual technicians”: to call them in some way.

<< All this deserves the consuming effort of my energy, which I notice decreasing at times, and although the pain produced by uncertainty can corrode, I will also leave it parked for another moment, like the unsolved mysteries. How far can this go? What more can be asked of a dream that searches in memory, a faded time in the historical records!? This has to be an answer, which I may not be able to complete here; I will most likely have to link with the other reality; when I wake up. I have to remember this. Record it in memory. Remember when I wake up.

Remember. Remember … I will resist until I finish with my strength; I hope, do not wake up yet. Although, I know, that this is not a simple dream >>.



They followed and they continued arriving at my mind endless questions with such speed that definitively, did not know by which to begin. I could not with so much … But I had to be able. My ignorance could not be so great as to abandon such a book of wisdom. The experiences showed me in events more and more unsuspected, how the magic became real, visible, in a time that seemed more advanced than mine, and yet, there were thousands of years to get to the “now”.




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portada cruza la raya


Previous chapter: THE GREAT MOUND





Suddenly someone appeared who broke my schemes if it fits even more since I went through the door. His face made me think of the Star Wars, he had no physical resemblance to the beings that I had seen so far. He was of another race, unknown, with extravagant and primitive appearance; of slight build, thin, or rather, bony; of whitish complexion and thick, stiff skin; the round eyes, so small that when I met them I got lost in the depth of their eyes without being able to appreciate their hue, maybe brownish, and surrounded by a kind of bags that I did not know if they were dark circles, or if it was part of the features of his race; without eyebrows, did not even seem to have eyelashes, or did not appreciate; the nostrils with a small prominence, and the small mouth with thick lips. Its long lobes protruded from a cap of consistent leather perfectly tanned and glossy, with seams on both sides, in a seam contoured from the temples to approach the nape of handcrafted, purified and perfect finish adapting to his head. In the prolonged open lobes with a large hole hung an amount – apparently in the first impression – exaggerated with earrings, reminded me of the “piercing” of fashion in our time, this detail above all, and together with the set of peculiarities, it provoked a laughter without malice that I struggled to repress and that my forced gesture betrayed.

 The earrings were small carvings of animals and objects with shapes unrecognizable by me, made in some kind of wood or bone, of different materials and different tonality: the miniatures were archaic, but worked with three-dimensional geometry of exquisite fineness. The crowded group of earrings emitted a pleasant sound when they tinkled with the movement of his head. Another distinctive was his black matte layer of a rustic material, of rare straight fall and at the same time stately, majestic but without ostentation, with a vertical seam on each side of the torso. Such were the contrasts of the peculiar personality.



The newcomer brings the gesture of disbelief and anger.

– What have you done! … You have stopped a job that requires a lot of concentration and energy to coordinate and start up the mental support necessary to transport the stone … We need a lot of preparation time each time this should start to work!

His strange face with a temper of anger makes me release a healthy and spontaneous laugh that on this occasion I cannot contain, despite the quarrel of guilt against me, and has caused the increase in his anger, without my intention or encouragement of offending anyone. But as a reflex, he directs his penetrating gaze directly into my eyes, I can barely sustain his intensity, nor can I decipher the purpose of his convulsive expression.

-We must hurry, time is running out!!

He watches me closely for a moment. Then, the calm appears on his face, a sign that reassures me; something seems to motivate him to calm down after leaving obvious evidence of his character. With his extravagant image, others become more normal and similar to me. We looked at each other questioningly as we exchanged agile glances among all the members of the small group, but above all my curiosity was captured by the unusual being, and by the perceptible expression of amazement and bewilderment that my face surely shows, without delay, my first interlocutor breaks the ice.

-He is a wise man; it is he who coordinates our work – while he presents us with a beautiful and sweet smile – he knows time and the terrestrial sphere.

-These lands in the future will not be like now -the wise is pronounced with “voice” of echo, deep and excited, as if coming out of the anticipated pain of those who presage … a catastrophe-. They will be much higher. Everything will undergo great changes, the terrestrial plates in this part of the earth … are in continuous movement and there will also be … very sudden changes. Do you know this construction, in your time? …!



I have tried to revive these sequences, but there is a gap in my memory, maybe the wise man told me the name of the town, sometimes I think I remember that he gave it two names, the first unknown and as if he spoke to me in Chinese, and another, that every time I think about it, I think I’m more sure that it was mentioned as the possible name by which it would be known later in time, but it’s a very diffuse memory. It could have been that my ignorance and conviction made me believe that it would not be the same today when we did not recognize it: everything that was seen and what I heard in this place was so strange; or perhaps, I saw an insurmountable anachronism, or simple and stupid prejudices, caused this emptiness, and it is possible, that me reacted with a negative gesture, of total disorientation. But today I still do not know why when I remember, after Viracocha, << Tiahuanaco >>, it was the name that someone seemed to pronounce inside my head without stopping repeating it.



-… In what time are you?

He remains pensive for a moment, and suddenly, he responds impetuously.

– Between your time and this, fifteen … or seventeen thousand years can pass! Seventeen thousand years! You come from the future!

The response so concise and explicit leaves me stunned and exceeds my limits. My image at this moment has to be perplexing, the reflection, I imagine, of the facial expressions of the set of attending. The unknowns, in this case by the entanglement with time and space, cause me daze and the need forces me to concentrate on myself to dig into the memory: I hope to find something to cling to maintain my sanity. << What construction in the world has this antiquity? The pyramids are not dated in more than five millennia. B. C. To what temporal space does this history belong? >>.

Thousands of questions crowd unchecked, enveloping me with my ignorance in a vertiginous vortex, of indescribable magnitude. Located in a time outside of time and within it, in a past that has disappeared in history and in a present that comes from the future, in which I present myself, ignorant, I feel a kind of shame with my naivety against primitive science. Another concern also crosses my mind intermittently: the uncertainty does not abandon its struggle to alter the security of myself, and I am disturbed by a huge question among the many unknowns: if I will have enough time to discover the meaning of my encounter with the admirable building and unveiling the mystery that houses this treasure, with riches that I cannot imagine.

I recognize a similarity in this route with that of an initiatory path of the other reality. As the journey through life is to understand through meditation the experiences that occur in the parallel paths of each human; psychic and physical, between material vigil and immaterial dreams, processes that enrich the being without occupying space and illustrate it in the space-time dimension, necessary to assimilate knowledge, and driven by destiny we walk the path towards wisdom, with the timeless dimension of the ethereal dreams and their particular teaching; Consciousness, ego, the real and the oneiric, converge for the same cause: evolution. A dream can be as real as a reality, and reality as dreamlike as dreams themselves; it only depends on the prism that you want to observe, although for all there is the same thing; The observer as an individual is free to think and make his own decisions, to choose to discern the scope of these realities: free will. I am also conscious (relapsing in the appreciation of the speed of my thoughts), even to be able to analyze two simultaneous thoughts without confusion, (two open windows in the computer of my mind), I think of unlimited possibilities, I notice at times, that the need stimulates the exercise of this skill.

<< Time, time … that I have to take advantage of! It is not the moment of so much meditation, I have to hurry. Where to start with so many unknowns to clear, and how to fit the enigmatic puzzle? The Bible could be my reference, but I do not recognize any text that resembles this magical world with purposes of service to the “future”, and there is no resemblance to any other story heard or read by me. Unless … the penumbra … persistent, to which many stories allude as <The Night Of The Times> >>.



Next chapter:



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Sólo Tú

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Hoy me explayo… Él podría pasar y ver… Mensaje para mí amado Harlista:


Por ti vine desde más allá de las estrellas,

para encontrarme contigo,

y ya de niños

supimos de nuestro Amor mutuo,

y en la adolescencia, en la juventud y en la madurez…

y a pesar de las aberraciones que nos han endosado

los adversarios del amor

desde el principio y a través de toda nuestra vida,

sólo tú, has sido mi Amor, con mayúscula,

tú llegas a lo más profundo de mi corazón

y mi corazón sale tras de ti cuando siente tu partida…

Sólo tú, eres mi Amor, tú, eres mi Amor Único.


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